Nov 03 2017.

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Colombo is full of green-eyed monsters and two-faced people. The insincerity around this city is incomparable to most places. Social media is where you can observe all of this, from ridicule to hypocrisy, and is quite gobsmacking. 

We are always told that no matter how many things go wrong, we should never surrender or give up but be encouraged to not stop trying or never say die and carry on life with full of spirit and determination.  Additionally, we are also emboldened to show the world that we have a youthful spirit no matter what one’s age.  Whilst beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, when we are ageing, the photographs posted on social media do not lie.

Recently, a Fashion Academy held its annual showing of its professionally trained and educated students’ design skills.  This show was acclaimed by professionals in the industry as being 
of a very 
high standard.  
Some of the invitees to this Show were sporting the strangest outfits which did not complement their body shapes.  Furthermore, the men appeared to have opted to wear drapes and seemed like they were extras from the set of the Game of Thrones that had been sent away since they were inadequately costumed.  To be photographed, they posed in front of the glitzy magazine and sponsor posters displayed on the corridor leading to the venue and uploaded them on social media.  Naturally, the photographs attracted flattering comments and were shared widely.  Never was a negative comment made on the photographs.  Soon, the chat lines got into action by cutting and pasting the photographs and comments and sharing them with a selected group with their critiques about the posers and the outfits.  Being shared on the internet, such comments are not limited to the original group but get shared widely.
A well reputed Fashionista who was at this fashion fiesta actually thought that most of these people were seemingly dressed for a Halloween Ball they were going to directly after the show.  So bad were some of the outfits and 
Facebook is certainly the platform for all and sundry to have their two minutes of fame, but as good old Trixie said, most of them should be nailed down into coffins and laid to rest in peace instead of being the laughing stock of the Universe.


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