Christmas in the Air

Dec 22 2017.

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Christmas is upon us and all Christians, rich and poor, are thrilled at this time of year and celebrate the birth of Christ in the best manner they can. Christmas carols are played over the radio stations and on the odd day there is a nip in the air too.  The holidaymakers are all here to revel in the celebrations, especially the diaspora who are happy to be back home and enjoy the season here. Most of the diaspora who left the country for greener pastures to many countries all over the world are delighted to return with their accents and outfits. 

They also enjoy flashing their hard earned foreign currency in their former motherland and are taken aback when they get to the checkout at the supermarket, after one round with the trolley stuffing it to the brim, and find that the cost of their trolley full purchase would have allowed them to live for a couple of weeks in the countries they have migrated to. The Dias’s who have learnt their lesson on previous occasions shop frugally and not haphazardly like the first time returnees.

As usual, it is the well to do who receive all the expensive lavish hampers whilst the less fortunate have to scrape together all their coins to buy at least a chicken to rejoice the festivities. It is the best time of the year to make a few sacrifices and help the needy; one must remember that there are a sector of people who actually cannot ask. There are also many lonely souls who have been abandoned by the uncaring family in some home where they are miserable at this time of the year.

Tacky decorations are quite visible in patches in the city.  There is nothing or no place with a wow factor in the city. Nevertheless, the hotels and restaurants are buzzing with crowds enjoying the jolliest time of the year.

Merry Christmas and may you all have a blessed one!



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