Shanel the German Shepherd

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Pet's details:-

Name: Shanel
Breed: German Shepherd (5 years in September)
Owners details:
Name: Kaushali Kusumapala (27)

What was the thinking behind naming your pet?

She just seemed so exquisite, like the brand Chanel and she continues to be the most exquisitely adorable and loving thing on the planet!

What is your daily routine with Shanel?

Around 6am she goes out into the garden to do her business and then at 7am she is brought in and given a yoghurt.  She has a bath every four days and it is then that she is brushed – This takes place between 10 and 11am. She usually has her lunch between 1 and 2pm and her dinner is between 7 and 9pm. In between meals she gets many snacks. Generally if we are snacking on something, she is also given bits and pieces of the same.

What is her favourite snack?

She loves bananas, yoghurt and doggie biscuits.

Does Shanel have a particularly favourite place to sleep and hang out?

Generally in my room. I have a ledge near my window, which she likes to sit on and watch the outside.

Does she like to dress up and take selfies?

Well, she hates pictures, but I love ‘em!

Have you always been a pet lover if so how did it all start?

I started liking dogs after a former friend of mine got me used to being around them. He was an avid fan of German Shepherds, and had me fall in love with the breed myself.

Who was your first pet?


What is it like having a pet?

My house has never felt more like a home. I consider her in everything I do. Even if I’m out and having a meal, I try and bring something for her too. If I’m away from home for long, I miss her terribly (way more than even the people at home). She is the first person I call to when I get home. I can’t imagine life without her (which I’m sure only people with a love for their dogs/pets would understand).

What is bath time like for her?

She is neutral about it. Obviously she doesn’t come running excitedly to have a bath. You need to call her several times to come down to have a bath but she is a very obedient dog, and she eventually comes down and has a bath without much of a problem.

How does Shanel react when you head out  and when you get back home and what is it like for you?

When she knows we are leaving, she is always sad even before us going (she senses it I suppose,  given we are getting ready). At those times, she looks sad and has her face on the floor. When I/we get back, she comes running and walks around you to get petted. Sometimes she jumps and puts the paw on your chest to say hello. Walking into one of her hellos is my favourite thing, as I even walk into the house calling out to her, and then cherish hearing her running down the stairs to greet me.

Could you imagine life without your pet?


What is the most precious moment you share with Shanel?

When I’m lazing on the bed at times she also gets on the bed and puts her head on my chest and looks up at me. It is so endearing. Other times, she just lies on my lap while I watch TV. At these times I just keep petting her. I also love feeding her knick knacks. I love how gentle she is and how later she lovingly licks my hand.

By Natasha Fernandopulle


  1. Dilshan Fernando says:

    It's so nice to see how she loves her pet so much.I'm also a big fan of German Shepherds. They are very faithful and obedient if brought up well. Nice article. Please post more articles like this as there are lot of pet lovers. Especially dog lovers

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