5 Types of pet owners

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Pet owners are in a class of their own. Whether they are parents to human offspring or not, you can be sure they will go to great or greater lengths to ensure their pet is living its best life. Your teenager finds the weather too hot and demands air conditioning in her room? Hell no, not happening. Your tiny puppy finds it warm? You’ll probably get an AC unit stat, oh, and a room allocated just for the pooch, bless his little heart. So without further ado, here are some of the most common types of pet owners.



1.The social media obsessed 

These pet parents document their pets' every move on social media and nothing is off limits. In fact, the pet may have its own instagram account with a cult like fan following.


2. The BFF

This type of person will treat their pet like a human, consult them on various matters (a bark or a nod works as a yes), and let the pet have a run of the house. Planning an evening out? This pet owner would probably choose to stay back with their pet than join you.


3. The expert

This type of pet owner would have made it their life’s mission to know anything and everything related to their pet. They'll also happily help you out, should your pet have an issue, but they'll also critique you about your apparently “terrible” pet parenting and nitpick every single aspect of how you take care of your pet.



4. The anxious

Worrying is their full time job. Whether they're wondering if their pet is getting enough nutrients, if a particular brand of pet food is better, or whether to allow kids near their pet, their incessant worrying will probably never cease. Assurances from fellow pet owners or even the vet will rarely calm them.


5. The spoilers

Pets of these kinds of over-the-top people are easily identifiable. From top of the range pet accessories to monogrammed clothing and bedding, these pets get nothing but the best. These are also the types of people most likely to host their pets' birthday parties and invite their pet pals for the celebration. 


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