Saying hello to Alf!

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This week we've got Alf the Spitzer saying hi to everyone out there. Alf here loves food with chicken but boy oh boy is he spoilt when it comes to fish! Chase down and to be handfed is his style but who could say no to that face. Alf also doesn’t enjoy baths and has some extra ordinary fascinating actions when it comes to sleeping. Probably dreamt of a nice rabbit or two being chased by him! 
Pet’s Details 
Name : Alf 
Breed : Japanese Spitzer 
Owner : Oshara Amarasinha 
Age : 1 year 5 months 
What’s the story behind the name you’ve given him? 
Well, we wanted a short name since it’s easy for the puppy to understand, but we also didn’t want anything obvious like ‘Fluffy” or ‘Sudu’ or even ‘Snowy’. We actually had no clue as to what we wanted to name him. So I just googled a couple of dog names and we liked ‘Alf’ best. (Yes. I googled my dogs name). 
What are meal times and bath times like? 
If there’s chicken on the plate, he’ll eat on his own. But if its fish he has to be chased around the house, put up on a chair and hand fed. Doggy treats, banana and yoghurt are also his favourites. And then there’s his bath time. He HATES water. Absolutely hates it. When I lower him into the tub I can practically feel him trembling. But he loves it when I massage in the shampoo. He sits still like a good boy enjoying the massage and then can’t wait to get out of the bathroom. He gets so mad once he’s out of the bath. He barks and goes into a mad frenzy if I bring the towel close. So I just lay out the towels on the floor and he rolls himself dry. 
Does he do anything out of the ordinary that fascinates you? 
He sometimes barks or wags his tail while he’s asleep. He sometimes tries to dig a hole in the bed when he gets on to it. He also acts like a total angel when he goes to the vet. Sits on the table like a little lady and doesn’t make a sound. Which is very unlike him. 
What is his most favourite fun time activity? 
He loves his morning and evening walks down the road. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. He loves to go for a ride in the vehicle.  And then of course chasing the two stray cats my mother feeds. He’s very jealous of them. 
What is the naughtiest thing he has done? 
Let me see. Where do I begin? The list is endless! He runs off with hairbands, pens, pencils, handkerchiefs, hair clips and unspeakable clothing items. Bites whatever comb he can find into pieces. Runs off with my father’s spectacles. First plays and then proceeds to kill any unfortunate cockroach, beetle, grasshopper, mosquito or fly who comes his way. He chases the frogs in the garden at night, although he hasn’t killed any of them. Yet. 
How does he react when you return home? 
He is so excited! It’s like he hasn’t seen you in ages. Barks and runs around like mad. Tail wagging to and fro; he must be greeted first by every person before anything else. Of course he is heavily petted by me once I get back from school and classes. 
What’s the best thing about him? 
Everything. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. He’s my rock and constant companion. No matter how crappy my day is, my little man always makes me smile. 
What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with him? 
I would say the first time I saw him as a puppy. It was a complete surprise. I came back home from a class to find a tiny little white fur ball fast asleep under the settee! Needless to say this little fur ball consumed most of my time for the next four months. Teaching him to sit, come, say hello and taking him for walks where also amazing moments. 
By Eshani Seneviratne


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