Saying Meow to Chooty!

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This is one furball who has no manner in her madness, neither is she picky like most cats. (Don’t tell that to the other cats reading this though!)  Her owner likes to think she’s part dog, which makes her a tiny bit like cat-dog; outwardly dog and inwardly cattish. However, contrary to the popular belief that cats are constantly plotting your murder, this one seems to do quite the opposite of it!

Pet's Details 

Name: Chooty
Breed: One of a kind Street Pooch
Age: 10 years
Owner: Sulakshana Dias Amaratunga

What's the story behind the name you've given her?

Her name has no origins other than the fact that she was the younger of two cats. Irrespective of that this fur ball is known by a plethora of names ranging from chubby to Bada to any name that comes to my head. But when people ask I say that her name is Chooty.

What are meal times and bathtimes like?

Mealtimes for this one are not defined by time and space. She will eat anytime and anywhere and will eat anything. She could’ve just finished a meal and turn around and come and investigate as to what else is there in the kitchen. I never really experimented with the whole bathing element for cats partly because I’m pretty sure cats are not washed. Besides if you ever look at her she’s doing one of three things, eating, cleaning or sleeping.

Does she do anything out of the ordinary which fascinates you?

Well even though she is a cat she behaves very much like a dog. Weird as it may sound it’s the truth. She’s very dog like in her behaviour given how often she gets hyper. However she is still very much a kitten inside. If she sees a piece of cord or anything that wriggles, makes a clicking noise or even annoys her in the tummy region (which by the way is a no fly zone for all cats), it’s on like world war two. Her eyes become black marbles and it’s a full on fighting match with the alien annoying object. Well she has this one other thing that she does. She loves to catch a corner of the wall do a little 180 degree turn and then kick her legs up and just, chill. Literarily she would stay like that without any problem for any amount of time.

What is her most favourite fun time activity?

Well keeping in line with the general perception of cats, it’s to sleep. This munchkin can sleep from 12 to 12 and get up for five minutes and go back to sleep like she’s dead tired. This cat sleeps right through the morning like she did the night shift watching guard over the house.

What is the naughtiest thing she has done?

Well as a kitten she had the usual mischief of tearing things, my study tutes, cables, and anything in the house her claws could latch onto. And then when she started growing up it became hunting and cats have a weird way of saying thank you (cat owners would know). But in general she’s a well behaved cat other than the fact that she sleeps on my car which scratches the paint. (Not cool).

How did you find her?

I found her in the trash actually. I used to go play with the neighbourhood kids and found her and her sister just there crying their lungs out. I lost the battle. Came home with one fellow. Mother said only for now (oh how she was wrong) and she made it worse when she told me that “this fellow looks lonely na?”. So next day I went and brought her sister home as well.

How does she react when you return home?

Contrary to popular belief about cats being the masters, this relationship is different. Irrespective of what time, state or way I come home when I open the doors to my house she is there standing sleepy as ever with her eyes half open and one little mew to say “You're late”!

What's the best thing about her?

It’s the fact that she’s still very childish and is a very very very loving cat (again contrary to popular belief). She’s like a baby. She doesn’t listen to me, she’s very playful, she still sleeps on my clothes (office clothes have fur all over) AND she drools like a bulldog.

What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with her?

When I was studying for my finals for university I was pulling all-nighters for days on end. Right throughout the entire ordeal one thing that was constant was my cat. She would sleep next to my computer and keep me company (and most of the time wake me up if I fell asleep). She wouldn’t move an inch until I shut the computer down and finally called it a night at about 7 or 8 in the morning. She would follow me to the room and take up her corner on the right and go back to doing what she does best - sleep!

By Eshani Seneviratne


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