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As the name speaks out, this gorgeous German Shepherd certainly seems like a queen although her extremely fun, crazy behaviour screams otherwise. From her beautiful fur coat to playing dead (certainly not how a queen should behave!) she’s everything a dog owner could ask for. But of course you need to watch out when it comes to biscuits and pasta, seems like she’s a fan and her unconditional love! 

Pet's Details 

Name : Ranni 
Breed : German Shepherd 
Age : 1 year and 1 month 
Owner : I wish to stay anonymous 

What’s the story behind the name you’ve given her? 

The name is derived from a name of a person, so she was named after a close friend of mine. 

What are meal times and bath times like? 

Well meal times are usually calm and quiet and she enjoys her meal. But at times I have to run behind her in order to get her to eat. Bath times are always hectic! I have to hold her by leash the entire time or she will definitely run off! And during the bath she will circle around me and get me tangled in the leash too. But it’s still fun to bathe her. 

Does she do anything out of the ordinary which fascinates you? 

Yes, sleeping on her back without moving an inch, where she seems like she’s dead. Sometimes it seems way too real! 

What’s her most favourite fun time activity? 

She simply loves running around with me and playing fetch. Then she loves sleeping like a rock! 

What’s the naughtiest thing she has done? 

Stealing my plate of pasta! 

How did you find her? 

I got her from a relative. She was part of the litter of their dogs. I still remember her rolling around her mother like crazy! 

How does she react when you return home? 

She runs up to me as soon as I open the gate! Then she runs around in circles and goes under my legs and starts licking my hands when I pet her. 

What’s the best thing about her? 

Simply knowing the fact that she is there with me and that she loves me. She's always been there around to protect me. 

What was the most unforgettable moment you have shared with her? 

Taking her for a walk outside the gate for the first time. The excitement she had! The energy! And she was just so happy! It was definitely a moment to remember. 

Has owning this beloved pet made your life richer? 

Most definitely! Her being there has made it quite a lot brighter! 

What makes her so lovable? 

Simply, because she is just a bundle of fun, joy and love! 

What kind of funny and mischievous things does she do? 

Constantly trying to steal my biscuits! 

By Zainab Faizal


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