Remembering Whiskey

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It's been three whole months since this little munchkin passed away, but he remains immortal in the hearts of all. Whiskey was an explorer, a wanderer yet a family guy. He would remind you of the Garfield; the type to be at peace with the household dog Buddy, be his best bud, be lazy, get his daily dose of affection from the family and yet be an active investigator of the area. He would always be remembered as one of their own by the Samaratunga's! 
Pet's Details 
Name: Whiskey Samaratunga
Breed: Persian 
Age: 3 years
Owner: Sachini Samaratunga 
What's the story behind the name you've given? 
Well, there was really no particular story behind the name given to him, but I thought the name Whiskey went well with what he looked like when my dad brought him home for the very first time. He was a white fluffy little ball of fur. 
What was a typical day like for Whiskey? 
Whiskey used to wake up every morning at 5am, and stand right next to my mom until she made tea for all of us at home. He then goes back to sleep once my mom’s done with her kitchen business. Wakes up back again in an hour or so and roams around the house. Loves to rub against my legs and annoy me every time he needed something. And every evening when we were out in the garden he’s always by our side either trying to meddle with a tennis ball or rolling on the grass. 
What were meal times and bath time like? 
The normal usual meal times as us, three meals a day and milk in the morning. And bath times were not too often  as he mostly bathed himself  but however  once a week  we use to wipe him with a wet towel as he got quite dirty from his usual evening walks. 
Did he do anything out of the ordinary which fascinated you? 
Whiskey seemed to get along very well with my dog at home, Buddy. He was completely fearless, probably because he was always used to seeing Buddy since he was a kitten. But there were times when Whiskey had his daily naps on top of Buddy. This was mostly when he was a kitten. Yet, they still got along very well. 
What is his most favourite fun time activity? 
Roaming around the house mostly. And it was always when everyone was at home. He never forgets to attend to our daily family dinners and cannot stand to stay home alone. He absolutely hated it! 
What is the naughtiest thing he has done? 
So during one of his usual evening walks, one day, he decided to climb over the wall and get out of the house. We all went on a huge search party thinking something bad had happened to him and informed a number of people to let us know if they see him around the area. However after about 5 days, early in the morning, he was right at the kitchen door step meowing out loud until we opened the door. We were over the moon to have him back. 
How did you find him? 
My dad brought him home three years ago with another black Persian kitten, as a surprise for my two brothers’ and I. He was a cute adorable little white ball of fur. 
How would he react when you returned home? 
He would always rub his face and body against my leg. He loves doing that. And then he’d turn his face upwards, so I rub his belly as he continues to purr until I’m actually done. 
What's the best thing about him? 
The fact that he’s always there when we’re home having either dinner or spending time with family. Whiskey’s always been a part of it. 
What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with him? 
Every moment with Whiskey has been amazing, comforting and memorable. I just miss him so much. 
By Eshani Seneviratne


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