My Pet & Me Casper

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Meet Casper the friendly pooch


Pet's details:

Name: Casper (2 years and 8 months)
Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Owner: Andrew Choksy (28)

·    What was the thinking behind naming your pet?
As cliched as it is, Casper was a ball of white fur when we brought him home. We did think of other names but my mum suggested ‘Casper’ and it stuck. It did help that he looked like a friendly ghost as well!

·    What does Casper’s daily routine entail?
Casper eats and he eats well. We start off with his milk in the morning followed by a quick groom. His lunch is minced meat with rice, which he thoroughly enjoys. At dinner he is given a portion of Pedigree chicken and vegetable pellets after his daily walk.

·    What is his favourite snack?
He loves his Jerhigh Salami snacks! We are extremely happy that Jerhigh is now in Sri Lanka and we can easily access it.

·    Does Casper have a favourite place to sleep and hangout?
Casper is a very social dog and sometimes (mostly) thinks that he is human! He loves people and attention and thus hangs out with everyone at home. Although he has a little doggy bed, Casper feels more comfortable sleeping like a human. Even though we know it shouldn’t be done, he gets his way every single time.

·    Does Casper like to be photographed?
Casper is the ultimate poser! If he sees a camera you can guarantee he is looking directly at it.

·    Have you always been a pet lover?
Pets and animals have always been a part of our lives growing up. We had a mini farm of sorts at home in Colombo which included dogs, birds, rabbits, fish and turtles. So pets have also been family to us.

·    Who was your first pet?
My first pet was a Poodle called Gucci. He was the first little dog that we had to look after.

·    What is having a pet like?
It is by far the most rewarding experience anyone could have. A pet is more than an animal. He or she is a companion and member of the family. A bad day is instantly forgotten when Casper greets me at the door and demands happiness. Having a pet is truly a blessing and a true gift from God.

·    What is bath time like?
Bath time is quite entertaining. He is quite well behaved and enjoys the cooling water that flows over him. However, the drama begins if his trainer is there to groom his fur and clip his nails. Casper knows the green tuk that the trainer arrives in. From the balcony he will run and hide inside a room and does not make a single sound. We have to search the house high and low to find him and this could take a few hours!

·    How does Casper react when you head out and when you return home?
Casper is a very loving dog and demands attention when anyone in the family is around. He hates being left behind and will sulk at the door when we leave at any time. All is forgotten and forgiven when we return home, and he will run around the house in joy and excitement. It is the best reaction anyone could ask for!

·    Could you imagine life without Casper?
Casper is a family member and pretty much the baby in our house. He brings so much love and entertainment that I could not for a minute imagine not having him around.

·    What is the most precious moment you've shared with him?
Bringing him home for the first time. It was late at night and a very spontaneous decision. Taking him into the car, placing him on the seat and realising it was the best decision I had ever made. It was love from the very beginning.

Text by Natasha Fernandopulle


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