Meet Zack and Belinda!

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Zack and Belinda are probably the cutest, friendliest and loving Dobermans you’d meet. They pine for heaps of love and attention from their owner Reihan and his family and also seem to spend a lot of time in the morning hours in the ‘naughty corner’ after having destroyed the vegetable patch in their garden.

Pet's details

Name: Zack (2 ½ years) and Belinda (6 months)
Breed: Doberman

Owner: Reihan Stephen

What was the thinking behind naming them? 

Zack was given to me by two of my friends who couldn’t keep him due to space constrictions in their garden and Belinda was a rescue so I really had no say in naming them.

Take us through their daily routine.

They start the day with milk and bread at 6.30am, followed by the two of them trying to destroy my mother’s vegetable patch or the garbage which leads to a time out in their naughty dog corner. In the afternoon comes lunch and then they chill out with my mum who spoils them rotten followed by an evening walk, brush down , dinner and lights out!

What are their favourite snacks?  

His: Gold Marie, which comes in abundance when they go for their walk in the evening which ends up with a visit to my aunt’s house.
Hers: His ears!

Do they have a favourite place to sleep and hang out?

His: Under the car or the vegetable patch.
Hers: My bed.

Do Zack and Belinda like to dress up and be photographed?   

I dare you to try getting them to stay in one place!

Have you always been a pet lover?

Yes, I have! I don’t know how it started. Being the only child for some time probably led to it though!  

Who was your first pet?

A German Shepherd named Brownie. 

What is having a pet like?  

Sloppy “kela” kisses, drama and unconditional love.  

What is bath time like?

It’s a mix of both. They can’t stay still for more than two seconds. So, it does involve running behind which one chooses to bolt first and also whoever is bathing them ends up having a bath as well.

How Zack and Belinda react when you head out and when you return home?

They are used to us leaving and when we are out of the house, our maid, Shanthi, spoils them rotten (although she tends to have a softer spot for Zack).  

Could you imagine life without them?


What is the most precious moment you share with your precious Zack and Belinda?  

With Zack probably, it would be him waking me up in the morning and if he fails to wake me up he just dives under the sheets and sleeps. Belinda loves to nap in my room and she loves to watch, ‘The Lion King’ with my sister and me, which is probably the only time she sits still. But any moment spent with them is quite a treat.

By Natasha Fernandopulle


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