Meet Skip, Milo & Bullet!

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Veno seems to love animals and her three adorable dogs, Skip, Milo and Bullet are the apple of her eye while they too share a special bond with her. Life would not be complete for either of them without each other.

Pet's details:

Names: Skip (4 years), Milo (2 years), Bullet (6 months)
Breed: Skip – Rhodesian Ridgeback crossed with a street pooch,  Milo – Pomeranian crossed with a street pooch and Bullet's breed is a mystery.

Owner: Veno

What was the thinking behind naming them?

Bullet is super fast so the name fit her perfectly. I had a pup by the name of Skip and he went missing so when we got this fellow we named him Skip too. The name Milo was suggested by my cousin because he has a malty colour.

Take us through their daily routine.

I am not at home from between 8.30am and 8.30pm so I don’t get to hang out with them much. It is my mom who gives them to eat. Bullet tends to push the other two to play with her and Milo is super grumpy all the time so there is a lot of growling that goes around!

What would you say their favourite snack is?

Marie biscuits.

Do they have a particularly favourite place to sleep and hang out?

Bullet loves sleeping outside on the porch or on the chair in the kitchen, Skip loves my bed and sitting near the feet of everyone at home while Milo loves the space under the kitchen table.

Do they like to dress up and be photographed?

Bullet can't stay still for long so taking photos is a task and she doesn't love it in particular, Skippy would rather snuggle up than take a photo while Milo on the other hand is a born poser!!

Have you always been a pet lover?

I love animals except for creepy fellows. I am going to have a huge space one day and where I can have big cats. Someday...!!

Who was your first pet?

It was a parrot but I can't remember a name.

What is having a pet like?

It's everything. I mean life without animals would be painful. The level of love animals display, I feel, is hard for humans to display sometimes. And the best part, pets are never NEVER too busy for you. And... you can trust them to keep a secret.

What is bath time like?

They all hate it. Skip gets very defensive so not everyone can bathe him. Milo will stand like a statue. Bullet, well she can't stay still in general...

How do the three of them react when you head out and when you return home?

Skip brings the house down when I leave to work every morning and when I get back, he jumps on me and runs around the house hysterically until I sit down and pat his head. The other two just run behind Skip and but they don’t seem as excited as Skip but they are excited nonetheless.

Could you imagine life the adorable threesome? 

Not really...  Life would literally suck without them...

What is the most precious moment you share them?

That is a hard one. The most precious would be the day I came back from the hospital after Skip bit me. He didn’t mean to bite me and when I came he was scared and he just sat and put his ears behind and looked at me with sad eyes and *sigh* how could I not forgive him? His apology was from deep down and he meant it.

By Natasha Fernandopulle


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