Meet Sir Pugsly!

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Pet's details:
Name: Sir Pugsly (1 and a half  years)
Breed: Pug

Owners: Shalin Balasuriya (35) and Suzanne Deckker-Balasuriya (30)

What was the thinking behind naming him Pugsly?

We named him Pugsly after the Adams Family character Pugsley Addams, whom we thought Pugsly resembled! The “Sir” was added to give him some stature.

What is his daily routine like?  

Pugsly sleeps with us every night, so when we wake up every morning, we spend a good ten minutes trying to wake him up because he loves his sleep, is usually snoring away and doesn’t take too well to being disturbed. The moment we get out of bed however, his only purpose will be to follow us around as we get dressed. He walks each of us to the door as we leave for work and we need to give him an official goodbye for the day (it’s a tap on the head from daddy and a kiss for mommy) he then waits till we walk off and shut the door. If the official goodbye is not done he will wait watching the door expecting us to return soon.

After we leave, he has his breakfast and hangs out with the maid until we get back from work in the evening. Once we get back from work (he knows we are home from the sound of our cars), he excitedly greets us at the top of the stairs. Whoever is home first (usually daddy) gives him a small treat, followed by dinner. We are always greeted with lots of cuddles and then we spend the rest of the evening together, watching TV, playing fetch or just hanging out.

What is Pugsly’s favourite snack?

Bran crackers. He absolutely loves it! He also loves green apples.

Does he have a particularly favourite place to sleep and hang out?

He is usually happy as long as one of us is near. He likes to nap on the balcony because the tiles are cool. At night, he pretty much ends up on Shalin’s pillow, with his head on it just like a human. In the mornings, he creeps under the sheet and snuggles up to one of us.

Does Pugsly like to dress up and take selfies?

He hates to dress up but usually tolerates it because mommy loves to dress him up! He’s usually down for selfies.

Have you guys always been pet lovers?

Suzy has always been a pet lover, as she has had them all her life. Shalin’s first pet is Pugsly.

Who was your first pet?

Suzy grew up with about four family owned dogs but her very first pet was a Pomeranian named Cuddles.

What is having a pet like?

It’s the best! Lots of unconditional love, cuddles and laughter! Pugsly is such a joy to be around. He is the friendliest dog you will ever meet and loves being the centre of attention and being around people. He can bring a smile to your face even if you’re having the worst day.

What is bath time like for Sir Pugsly?  

He loves it. Given the warm weather, he loves his bath time.  He stands enjoying the cool water and loves it when the shampoo is massaged in.

How does he react when you guys head out of the house and when you get back home?

As mentioned earlier leaving without an official goodbye is an absolute ‘No! No!’ It would have him waiting at the top of the stairs watching the door for hours (he is not allowed to use the stairs). In general leaving the house, especially for Suzy is a challenge. The moment she puts her shoes on to go to work, Pugsly goes into panic mode and tries to prevent her from leaving by biting her shoes. Every evening the both of us are given the most enthusiastic greeting as soon as we enter our home. He is always waiting for us at the top of the stairs!

Also the cutest thing is when Shalin leaves the country. He knows as soon as the bags are packed that daddy’s leaving for while. He follows him around with a sad look on his face till he leaves. No sooner he is gone he goes into over protective mode.  The dog that would usually sleep through the ceiling collapsing now wakes up and investigates and barks at the slightest noise at any time of the night. He follows Suzy throughout the house and sleeps right next to her.

Could you imagine life without your Pugsly?

Absolutely not! Don’t even want to imagine it!

What is the most precious moment you share with him?

Morning cuddles!

By Natasha Fernandopulle


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