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When I say Lucifer, I’m pretty sure all the Supernatural fans would probably have their hearts racing over Lucifer, also known as The Devil, Light Bringer, The Morning Star, and Satan. And that’s exactly where this pet owner got her inspiration from! Being a huge fan of Supernatural and getting a gorgeous grey cat who resembled a character from her favourite TV show, was well the best thing that’s happened. 

Say hello, to this stunning gray Persian with probably the grumpiest face around, but also a cat who’d also bring out the nonexistent cat loving characteristic in you! Who said cats can’t be a man’s best friend? You’d definitely reevaluate when you meet this fellow who probably loves to hold you tight and give warm hugs! 

Pet's Details 

Name: Lucifer 
Breed: Persian 
Age: 1 year 
Owner: Akila 

What’s the story behind the name you’ve given? 

Something noticeable about Lucifer is his grumpiness and how he chooses to be loved only when it suits him so we associated him to the character of Lucifer in Supernatural and thus the name. 

What are meal times and bath times like? 

There is no such exact time for meals; he is a very hungry cat. Usually he is bathed once a week. 

Does he do anything out of the ordinary which fascinates you? 

Yes. The most extraordinary thing he does is when I pick him up and cradle him like you do to babies, he just loves it. He puts an arm around you and the other on your chest and snuggles up to sleep. I love that. 

What’s his most favourite fun time activity? 

This is something he does at night when we are closing up the doors. He runs into the garden and hides. He doesn’t come when we call him and the moment we do find him he breaks into a run. So it's a game of run and catchers in the dark. 

What’s the naughtiest thing he has done? 

He was playing with his toy bug when he ran and knocked over a vase. When my mom called him he just hid under the sofa. After my mom scolded him, he didn’t even look at her or go to her for the rest of the day. 

How did you find him? 

Through a relative who directed us to her friend. 

How does he react when you've returned home? 

No matter where he is, the moment he hears our voices he comes running and then stretches himself and rolls over which is his way of asking for attention. 

What’s the best thing about him? 

There are so many great things about Lucifer but what really stands out how this cat has the ability to convert non cat-lovers to adore him like crazy, I hated cats before Lucifer. 

What was the most unforgettable moment you have shared with him? 

The most unforgettable moment would be how when we were alone at home one night, I took him to our balcony and he didn’t struggle but just put his arms around my neck with his face on my shoulder and stayed like that for a good 15 minutes. I could never forget that moment, now it is something we two do every night. 

Can you share a cute story about him? 

On one day when we were giving him his bath (which he dreads a lot), he was looking up with the Puss In Boots eyes and when my mom walked in, Lucifer started meowing (it is very rare you hear his voice) and looking at her in this sad way just like he was complaining and my mom took him and after that, there was no more meowing. 

Has owning this beloved pet made your life richer? 

Obviously. It is like having this small kid at home to look after. No matter how bad your day is he just always makes it better. Having Lucifer is one of the best things to happen to any of us at home, we just found a younger sibling in that cat. 

What makes him so lovable? 

I really don’t know. Many who see Lucifer for the first time associates it to the fact how he acts exactly like a child or the grumpy face he has half the time which can quickly turn into a big eyed face when pampered. It is really hard to say. 

What kind of funny and mischievous things does he do? 

Everything from peeing and hiding under the bed , trying to catch birds when he can’t jump higher than a few inches to making us run around the land looking for him when he is right under a bush not even bothering to respond to his name. 

By Zainab Faizal


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