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When asked about her pet Dachshunds, Nishani has a lot to say. "What's better than sausages? It's a sausage dog! What's even better, is having two! We think we are born with two hands so that we can pet two dogs at once." Here are two very much loved dogs, Lizzie and Coco, who are more than just dogs - they have personality, integrity, empathy and loyalty - they're family. 

Pets' Names: Lizzie and Coco 
Breed: Both are Dachshunds 
Age: Lizzie and Coco are both 3 years old, with Coco being two months older 
Owners: Nishani and Jake Reckerman (and Hayley, our 6 month old) 

How did you find your pets? 

We bought Lizzie when she was 3 months old, from a small shop in Kandana. Three months later we got Coco (then 6 months old) from a friend. 

What's the story behind the names you've given them? 

I (Nishani) have always liked the Lizzie McGuire show growing up, so I guess I have always liked that name. Coco was actually named something else when we got her. I think when we looked at her, her coat especially, the name 'Coco' seemed to fit in better. 

What are meal times and bath times like? 

They have meals by around 9:00AM and again at around 5:30PM. They have their moods though. On some days, one doesn't eat, and on other days, their breakfasts are just lying there until dinner time. On those days, it takes a lot of 'begging' to get them to chow down. 

Baths are on a Saturday or Sunday morning. They love their baths, although they're dirty again as soon as they're out of the 'shower'. Sigh! 

What's their favourite thing to do? 

Coco is a busybody. She should be Sherlock Holmes' pet, as she's always on the lookout for anything suspicious (squirrels, lizards, birds, people). She's always stressed and worked up! Lizzie is the complete opposite. She just loves to sleep! Oh, and Lizzie loves to groom Coco, Jake's face, my feet... anything really! 

What's the naughtiest thing they have done? 

About a year ago, Coco ran out of the gate and actually ran into one of the neighbour's houses (their gate was open). We were new to the neighborhood, so we didn't even know who lived there. So we just had to stand outside their gate (we looked so suspicious!) waiting for her to eventually show up (which she did after about 45 minutes! Lizzie, I would say, is that she tries to lick Hayley's face when I'm not looking, even though she knows very well she is not allowed to do so. However, I can always somehow sense her 'plan' just before execution, and manage to stop her just in time! 

How do they react when you return home? 

The same always - happy, excited, and hyper, annoyingly following us around and not letting us even enter the house without tripping or stepping on a tail! Ever so loving, Lizzie and Coco. 

Do Lizzie and Coco do anything out of the ordinary that fascinate you? 

It always fascinates us when Lizzie does something brave. She's such a chicken! I mean she's so afraid of small things like polythene bags! However, once, she jumped from such a great height! Quite scary, actually! As for Coco, it worries us more than fascinates us, when she just sits around lazily! Never thought she was capable of relaxing! 

What's the best thing about them? 

Coco is very sensitive and caring although she seems tough on the outside. That's sweet, because I can see she is very protective of Hayley. Lizzie is very responsive. No matter what, whenever or wherever you are, she will always come when called, even if she is sleeping. She'll come and fall by our feet and lick our toes, showing her affection. 

What was the most unforgettable moment you've shared with Lizzie and Coco? 

Of late, we could say that when we brought Hayley from the hospital, it was amazing to see how attentive they were to her and her cries. They were so curious as to what is making that noise! Now, when she cries, if we are not with her, they come and 'inform' us!


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