Meet Khalua, Jay Dee & Ciroc!

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This week we meet Ravnaash and Aakaash’s three adorable doggies, Khalua, Jay Dee and Ciroc who were named after their dad’s favourite beverages. They are extremely protective of their owners and are their constant companions.

Pet's details:
Names: Khalua (7 years), Jay Dee (4 years) and Ciroc (1 year)
Breed: Cross Breed and Rottweiler

Owners: Ravnaash and Aakaash

What was the thinking behind naming them?

Our father’s favourite beverages.

What is their daily routine like?

Breakfast before going to school, play time when school is over, dinnertime followed by some play time again. There is also a weekly brushing session.

What’s their favourite snack?

Anything and everything.

Do they have a favourite hangout spot and napping spot?

Yes, in their kennel.

Do they like to be dressed up and be photographed?

No! That's our mother's job.

Have you guys always been pet lovers?

Our parents were dog lovers and we have grown up around pets.

Who was your first pet?

A Pomeranian.

What is having a pet like?

It's a stress reliever and a constant companion.

What is bath time like for Khalua, Jay Dee and Ciroc?

The crossbreeds hate it and the Rottweiler loves it but they love their bowl of hot milk which is given to them after a bath.

How do Khalua, Jay Dee and Ciroc react when you head and when you return home?

They are not happy when we leave, but they show their overwhelmed joy when we return by jumping all over us. They only relax when we sit and pet them.

Could you imagine life without them or any pet for that matter?

Nope we will be lost.

What is the most precious moment you share with Khalua, Jay Dee and Ciroc?

When we are alone at home because they are our protection and companions.

By Natasha Fernandopulle


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