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Named after the famous movie Juno, this Dalmation is a treat to the soul! He's hyper, crazy and adorable, has a never ending pit for a stomach and adores his owner. Juno loves to announce the arrival of his owner to those around him and share his excitement which makes him special. He also knows exactly what to do if you're grim or grumpy! 
Pet's Details 
Name - Juno 
Age - 4 years 
Breed - Dalmatian 
Owner - Aparna Rasaputram 
What's the story behind the name you've given? 
His name came from a movie called "Juno" and it sounded cute and suited him so that's how he was named. 
What are meal times and bath times like? 
He has 3 meals a day, big bowls of rice with chicken and bathes once a week because it's hard to catch him! He's more obedient with me than my parents or anyone. And he greets me with a smile (he does that only to me) whenever I come home from work. 
What is his most favourite fun time activity? 
Fun time is all the time! That gets a bit annoying at times too because he thinks all we got to do is play with him! He favourite is to play with a squash ball. 
What is the naughtiest thing he has done? 
Naughtiest thing...., well overall he's very naughty. Always annoys my mom by doing things she tells him not to do, so nothing extraordinary there! 
How did you find him? 
I found him at a pet store near my house. Went to get a ridgeback but ended up getting Juno because he just looked at me with his big eyes saying "take me home" and I couldn't refuse. 
How does he react when you've returned home? 
He greets me with a smile as I mentioned before and he lets everyone else know that I'm home, as I have two other older dogs at home and they're most of the time sleeping. So Juno barks loudly and wakes them up and then barks at my mom or dad to say I'm home and comes and greets me with a warm tug on my legs. 
What's the best thing about him? 
The best thing about him is that, whenever I'm not in a good mood he just knows. He comes near me keeps his head on my lap and let me hug him or he keeps his head on my feet and lick my toes until its gross or do something weird like fart and make me smile! 
What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with him? 
Unforgettable moment would be the day I brought him home as he was kept in a tiny cage in the pet shop. I believe he felt trapped and all the way home he was licking my face and hands as a gesture to say thank you. 
By Eshani Seneviratne


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