Meet Django!

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Meet Django. He is clearly a smart pooch as he insisted on responding to this questionnaire himself!

Pet's details -

Name: Django (2 years)
Breed: French Bulldog

Owners: Shyala & Deane

What was the thinking behind your name?

It all began one fine day last December. I was whiling away the time cooped up in a tiny cage at the breeder’s. Suddenly I heard the voices of my rescuers. They had come to take me away. I was excited, and scared. I didn’t know what my new life would be like. I was named Rocky by the breeder and since I didn’t have an awesome past, my big humans wanted to rename me. I was really interested in their ringtone at the time, which was Django Unchained. Ever since then I was called Django.

Please take us through your daily routine.  

I never sleep during the night, so I’m up and about when everyone wakes up. Then I get my yummy meals. I’m a fussy eater, so I get something different everyday. Afterwards I’m let out into the courtyard, and told goodbye when they leave for work and then I sleep. When they come home, we either play or go for a walk or I run around and munch on everything I find.

What’s your favourite food?

Boiled chicken. My tummy is rumbling.

Do you have a favourite spot to sleep and hang out, Django?

I love sleeping by my human's feet, and on my bed.

Do you fancy being photographed and dressing up?

I hate all these cutesy things my humans like to do. So childish I tell you!

Have your parents always been pet lovers?

Wait! Let me ask my humans. Shyala says she has always loved dogs. Deane though didn’t always absolutely love dogs. But now he loves me so much, he wants to get all kinds of dogs. That’s a bit worrying, because I don’t like sharing. I love you Deane.

So Django, who was your first pet?

I would have to say my humans. They are awesome pets.

What is life like as a pet?

Super! I get to eat all the time, sleep everywhere, get a belly rub and massage when I just nudge them. Life is good.

Do you like bath time, Django?

I hate it. I hate water. Why was water invented? I’m French!!!

How do you react when your parents head out and when they return home?

I don’t really like them going out. But I don’t fuss because I understand that I’m really high maintenance, so the humans must work to keep me healthy and happy.

Could you imagine life without your ‘pets’?

No. I can’t imagine a life without them. I think I’ll die.

What is the most precious moment you share with them?

They taught me this new trick, something called a high-five. I can’t get over it now. I high-five everybody. High-Five?

By Natasha Fernandopulle


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