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From stalking birds and snakes, to chewing socks and shoes, meet handsome little Dash! From being the chubby tiny puppy he used to be, he has definitely come a long way. His incredibly gentlemanly manners and his youth outshining his age, certainly makes him one lovable and full of energy little doggy pal. 

Name : Dash 
Breed : Mongrel 
Age : 8+ 
Owner : Ashanti and Wiranga Perera 

What’s the story behind the name you've given? 

My brother and I named him Dash when he was around 3 months. He'd be hiding someplace and when he hears us coming he'd make a dash for our feet, just as he would a few months later when he could hold onto his plate and make a dash to the kitchen when feeding time came around. 

What are meal times and bath times like? 

Meal times are at 8.30am and 4.30 pm; bath times are once a week on a Sunday at 12 noon when the sun is at its zenith. 

Does he do anything out of the ordinary which fascinates you? 

When he was a puppy he was one small ball of fur especially after a bath. He would chew on our socks and shoes, pee in the house, but when potty time came around strangely enough he would make a beeline outside, and if we happened to be watching he would stop, move over to another place and continue his potty - that was when he was like 5 + months. 

What’s his most fun time activity? 

Chasing birds and squirrels when he was much younger, and now at 8 stalking birds, rodents, snakes etc. 

What’s the naughtiest thing he has done? 

Like we've mentioned above, chewing on our socks and shoes, when he was like 6 months +, now that he’s a big boy he’s given up on chewing socks and shoes. He loves to chew on bones now. 

How did you find Dash? 

He was the cutest, chubbiest amongst a litter of 5. 

How does he react when you return home? 

He seems to know the times my brother returns from work, he sits by the gate and when he senses my brother’s arrival there goes the wagging and the whining. I get the same reception, just hope his long bushy tail will not come off. 

What’s the best thing about him? 

He’s very faithful, if anyone comes for a visit, he's right beside us and if we decide to let the visitor in we tell him "GO TO YOUR CAGE" and he does. 

What was the most unforgettable moment you've shared with Dash? 

Too many to mention, etched in our memory is teaching him to give his paw, his other paw, and to sit opening the door to let him in as he’s very persistent in tapping at the window with his  paws, especially after our mum goes shopping. 

Has owning this beloved pet made your life richer? 

Yes it has, and I guess if we were to ask him, he’d say so likewise. If only dogs could talk. 

What makes him so lovable? 

His appearance, him being there every time we are at home, and him always trying to protect .That’s gratitude I guess for being a good kind and loving owner. However my Mama does not like dogs and if ever he attempts to set foot inside the house he gets a shout, and beats a hasty retreat. When my Mama goes out his stand on the front window sill and taps on the window, wanting to come in, so my Dad and I let him in hoping not to incur the wrath of my Mama. When it’s time for Mama to come we tell him now Mama will come, and he leaves. 

What kind of funny and mischievous things does he do? 

He has passed his prime at 8 years, so his days of youthful exuberance are behind him. 

By Zainab Faizal


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