Meet Bo!

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Saying Hi to Bo! 

Bo, like all other cats adores attention. He loves to purr and entertain his owner. Bo is also a big poser as he has devoted fans from all over the world on social media enjoying his little adventures. Even though he's still almost a kitten, he can be such a ninja when it comes to lizards!

Pet's Details 

Name: Bailey Bo
Breed: Semi Persian
Age: 5 months
Owner: Darsha Fonseka

What's the significance of the name you've given him?

My very first pet was a cat named Ball Spencer, who passed away three years ago. So I wanted to give a name that goes with the name Ball and came up with the name Bailey Bo.

What is a typical day like for Bo?

Bo wakes up early in the morning. Then he walks around the garden to feel the warmth of the sun and the grass. He spends most of his time in his box sleeping and he comes to my room in the evenings.

What are mealtimes and bathtimes like?

Bo is not a big fan of water, but we bathe him with hot water once a week. He doesn’t eat all his food at once, but he eats a lot little by little. Bo likes to eat fish with rice very much.

Does he do anything out of the ordinary that fascinates you?

He purrs a lot. Actually he purrs 24/7. Recently he was really ill and very weak, he could barely walk. But little Bo didn’t forget to keep his purr on. It truly fascinates me!

What annoys him the most?

I think Bo gets really annoyed when I always take his pictures. He probably gets exhausted from all the posing. But I’m so obsessed with him and I end up taking far too many pictures to post on his Facebook fan page. Little Bo has fans from every corner of the world.

What is his most favourite fun time activity?

He loves it when I pet him singing “soft kitty warm kitty”. He gets all calm and quiet and sits to enjoy it and doesn’t let me stop.

What is the naughtiest thing he has done?

Recently Bo ate a big lizard and it didn’t even take him two seconds to finish off eating it. I was really mad at him that day!

How did you find him?

I got him from my friend Tharini. Bo is Tharini’s cat Foggy’s baby. Bo was just two months when I got him.

What is he most afraid of?

He gets really scared when I play him the meow sounds I downloaded off the Internet. But his reactions are priceless.

How does he react when you returned home after a long day?

He just comes behind me meowing. It’s like he’s begging for me to sit down and pet him for a while.

What's makes him the best?

He shows us his love every second he spends with us. He comes and stays with me next to my laptop when I study.  He doesn’t judge me and he loves me for who I am. Simply he brightens my day and brings me joy.

What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with him?

Recently he got suddenly ill and he was in a state of comatose. He was on my lap, lifeless, sleeping like an angel for hours. I will never forget how I waited holding him till he woke up. I thought he was going to leave me forever.

By Eshani Seneviratne


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