SAARC Bridges of Friendship

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SAARC Bridges of Friendship was indeed an event that showcased the power of humanity. For Roshnie De Saram, Past President of the SAARC Women’s Association – Sri Lanka Chapter, this event was a dream come true, as she had always dreamt of raising funds for cancer in collaboration with a school.

Hence, the event was organised in collaboration with the British School of Colombo and all proceeds were in aid of the CCC House which is a transit home for cancer patients. The concert itself included some electrifying performances that witnessed the participation of students at British School of Colombo along with performances from Ravibandu-Samanthi Dance Academy, Academy of Percussion and S. Thomas’ Preparatory School. Choreographed by the School’s Music Director Ms. Shamistha De Silva, every performance brought out the best in students, be it a singing item or a dance act.

Sharing his thoughts with Daily Mirror Life, BCC Principal Dr. John Scarth said that the show encapsulated what’s great about young people of today. “They are very committed and they understand what good causes are about and they had put their hearts and souls to doing this project. Anybody who was in the audience would have seen performances of a professional standard and that’s because children loved music and dance and they are also committed to doing something which has a common good. I’m exceptionally proud of them.”

Towards the end of the show a few guests had this to say :

 “We had fun watching it.” - Kaitlyn


“It was amazing to watch everyone from our school.” – Aini

“Even my daughter participated. They worked hard.” – Chamila


“The talents of the children were fantastic. I loved every item and it took me back to my youth. – Sonia


“The talent is amazing and they did it for the cause selflessly. It was a fabulous show.” – Fathima


“It was brilliant and I cannot imagine a school production. All credit to the organisers, the stage the lighting and coordination was amazing. I wish they got more exposure.” – Maya


It was an excellent show. – Lalitha


They were astounding. I just loved the fact that they have got talent and bringing that talent out in them in such a contemporary way is amazing. I’m proud as a parent.” – Chris


“All the hard work paid off and the children were very professional. We love to see this being done on a bigger stage and audience.” – Serena


Pics by Waruna Wanniarachchi


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