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by Saajidah Ghani

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Artist and entrepreneur Saajidah Ghani, has always indulged in art for as long as she can remember. “Art has been a part of me since my childhood” she shared. “I recall drawing as a child and indulging in the creative path in many ways. So rather than delved, I would say that I grew into the world of art!”.  Eventually, she turned her passion into a lucrative venture. “I established  “Calligart” and “Perfect accents”, both online businesses that offer a range of products including customized calligraphy masterpieces, abstract art, modern texture art, Arabic graffiti, and many more”. The Daily Mirror Life caught up with Saajidah to talk about her journey, arch-textured canvas art, calligraphy, and more.

Q    Have you studied art or are you self-taught?
I am mostly self-taught! I have acquired many skills through my own research and experimentation with different media, which has enriched my work. In these years I have even learned medieval art techniques and gained inspiration from diverse sources that motivate my work hitherto.

Q    Does where you are from affect your work?
I’m from Colombo. Living in Colombo makes it easy to have access to materials and supplies. Apart from that in my point of view, it doesn’t have any drastic affect on my work.

Q    Who are your biggest artistic influences?
I have too many artistic influences to list down! Instead, I could tell you that Instagram is my main platform where I connect, explore, and find inspiration! I discover a new artist/art every day! It is truly a powerful and trending platform for anyone in the world today as it has a lot to offer if used correctly.

Q    Where do you find inspiration?
Whether working with paint or other materials the inspiration is the same. I get my ideas by observing what’s around me and being sensitive to my surroundings: Nature, architecture, human feelings, beauty, and love. Also, as a passionate cook, I often find inspiration while I cook. Cooking is indeed an art! The colours of powders you infuse to make a delicious curry add inspiration! The many decorations done to a dessert or sweet again adds inspiration! 

Q    When is your favourite time of day to create?
My favourite time would be the early morning hours, since my mind always bubbles with ideas from the previous night's sleep and I wait anxiously to pour out the fresh ideas in the morning! 

Q    How do you develop your art skills?
I  develop my art skills by practicing new techniques and perfecting them. Sometimes I even learn through a commission piece, new styles, and new variants. Art is endless! That's what I love about it. Each of these experiences and practices allow me to become a better and more patient artist who can connect deeply with my paintings. 

Q    Tell me about your favourite medium.
I do not have a favourite medium. I create with all I can get my hands on! But I would say I’m most comfortable with acrylics.

Q    Why did you focus on arch-textured Canvas art? What is the process like?
Texture is one of the elements in art where you get to feel how an object appears in the art itself. The arch design is special for many reasons and is simple yet exquisite. It is both a tranquil piece of art and yet adds sophistication in the perspective of an interior designer.

I believe that these unique designs will be able to bring out minimalistic art pieces for modem homes. The process of creating textured art is in fact one of my stress busters. It needs to be planned, designed, and crafted well. I must add that it brings much solace to the artist as it brings solace to the eyes of the aesthete. 

Q    You also do calligraphy. How did that come about?
I studied Arabic Calligraphy in the year 2010 from an experienced teacher affiliated with the Iranian Embassy in Sri Lanka. In addition, I followed an online course offered by the Qalam Academy by Omar Uddin on Arabic Calligraphy in the pursuit of the intricate details of the geometry of Arabic Calligraphy. Although my main domain is Arabic calligraphy, I have also mastered different styles of lettering and English Calligraphy. 

Q    What does your artwork represent?
My artwork represents what I see! Nature in its calmness and its beauty to the ferocious lion and the wildness! 

Q    Would you say your style changed over time?
The art and the creative industry are about growth and novelty. Artists are always exploring to create art and new methods. I hope to be on par with the ever-evolving trends.
I prefer to go with earthly colours than bold to illustrate my experience as a child growing close to nature. I hope to do more unique pieces that are subtle and pleasing to the eye, to bring peace to the mind and has depth to the one who appreciates and feels art. 

Q    How can people order/commission your work?
They can simply direct message me via any social media platform. Prior to the confirmation of a commission, I have a thorough discussion with the customer with regards to the size, colours, price, and outlook. I aim at a very high level of customer satisfaction as always!


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