A tête-à-tête with Alice Farquhar

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British socialite and globetrotter Alice Farquhar was in the island recently for a private event hosted at Bailie Street - Merchants. Attending the event as a premiere beverage  Global Brand Education & Training Manager, Farquhar was quick to clarify what her role entailed, explaining that it was a point of confusion for many who meet her.

“The purpose of my role really - a lot of people kind of say to me ‘so what does global education manager entail? What does that mean?’ And really, my job is to help consumers, media and bartenders around the world understand everything they need to know about our brand. And I always say to people -at the crux of it - my job’s almost like that of a paint salesman. Someone has to sell paint to an artist, and the bartender for me is the artist. So I need to arm them with the tools in order to create the finest product and know everything they can know about that to create the most wonderful thing that they can and that would be the cocktail. So that’s what I do”.  

What’s your morning routine like?

It really depends on what I’m doing. So if I’m getting up at 4 o’clock for a flight, the routine’s going to be very different than if it’s just a normal day. Normally, I try and wake up early, but usually, I’m jet-lagged for one reason or the other. I’ll try my best if I’m at home to work out, because it’s good for me and I need to do that. So I’ll have a little breakfast, I’ll go to workout with my trainer, and then I will enjoy a nice shower and wash my face and use moisturisers to make myself feel nice. I think it’s important to take time for yourself in the morning when you’re not rushed too much. 

Most treasured item

I think practically, most of our treasured items are our phones because we can’t live without them. We need them for work. We need them for photography. We need them for staying in touch with loved ones. Being away from family and friends so much, it’s very important to me.

If your day had an extra hour

Sleep, definitely! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that if there’s any moment to catch a little bit of rest, always take it.

If I was to check your bag right now, what would I find? 

You would find my phone, you would find my wallet, you would find probably my passport. You would find papaya ointment which I use. It’s an Australian miracle product that I use on everything - chapped lips, dry skin. And probably a hair tie to keep my hair up and out of my face, because that can get very annoying. 

When you're looking to get inspired what do you do?

What I find really inspiring is quite a random one - Chef’s Table on Netflix. It’s a really amazing show because you don’t necessarily have to know all the chefs or all the restaurants, but the stories that these guys have are so amazing and when you look at what they’re producing - I mean the food in itself is so mind blowing - but when you hear the personal stories that go with them, it is beautiful. I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few of them, and it’s just given me so much more respect for them. I view chefs in much the same way as I do bartenders. They’re often times very humble, unspoken heroes and they have amazing stories to tell. So I find that really inspiring. 

The best place you've travelled

Greece is always my favourite. I love Greece, I love the Greek islands. The food’s amazing, the people are lovely, it’s stunningly beautiful and you can always find a different experience in one of the islands. 

The last thing you Googled

Actually where I was coming tonight. I always like to be prepared about where I’m going. I like to see where it is. 

Who are your go-to designers?

I actually really like high street things. I don’t really wear a lot of designer clothes. I wear a lot of comfortable clothes and I have a wardrobe full of Zara which is obviously a big European high street designer. I say designer in a very loose way. I really just love Zara because it’s smart enough and affordable. And if you put it together with some good quality items, you can make it look more expensive. 

What was your last splurge? 

One of my biggest indulgences  - I really love slippers, like household slippers. Because often if I’ve been out on a really long day, there’s nothing nicer than coming home and taking the uncomfortable shoes off and putting on really soft sheepskin slippers. There’s something really amazing about that, so I suppose I splurge on those. That would be my biggest extravagance. 

Your secret talent

Being able to stay awake on many time zones.

Biggest pet peeve

People being late. I really struggle with it. 

The craziest rumour you've heard about yourself

Oh, there’s a lot! That I sit at my desk and drink all day. Sadly I don’t.

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