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As one of the major markets for spices back in the day, the then Ceylon had a flourishing spices trade during the colonial period. Clove was one of the most prized and expensive spices of ancient times that originated from Maluku Islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Even though the introduction of Cloves to Ceylon is not known, Ceylon Clove is notably richer in oil than other clove varieties found elsewhere in the world. 

Mainly grown in Mid Country wet zone in Sri Lanka, the country today is one of the leading exporters of clove buds, powder and oil to the global market, mainly used in the food and perfume industries. Clove oil comprises a variety of health benefits and chemical properties. Eugenol comprises 72-90% of the essential oil extracted from cloves and the compound is most responsible for the aroma of Cloves. Other important essential oil constituents of clove oil include acetyl eugenol, beta-caryophyllene and vanillin, crategolic acid, gallotannic acid, methyl salicylate, eugenin, kaempferol, rhammentin, eugenitin, oleanolic acid, sigmasterol and campesterol.  Clove is used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, western herbalism and dentistry, where the essential oil is traditionally used as an anodyne (painkiller) for dental emergencies. Cloves have carminative effect to increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach and to improve peristalsis.

In 1992, a clove-based dental solution was introduced with an aim to promote better oral care among the citizenry. Clogard, thus revolutionized the market as a total oral care brand in no time. From toothpastes to toothbrushes, mouthwashes and many other value-added products, the brand caters to a wider audience including children. The advanced formula infused with clove oil and scientifically tested fluoride was the first to be endorsed by the Sri Lanka Standards Institute and the Sri Lanka Dental Association. This further proves that Clogard products are all about quality. 

Some of their recent milestones include the launch of the Clogard Kids Toothpaste and launch of Clogard Natural Salt. One benefit of Clogard Chooty, the kid’s toothpaste is that its formula is specially designed for kids, it is smoother and gentler on gums, it provides cavity protection and users can ensure stronger teeth. While the product doesn’t include sugar, a range of fruity flavours are available to make brushing teeth a fun experience for children. On the other hand, using salt water to wash the mouth has been an age-old tradition, especially when a gum problem occurs. Research suggests that around 47% of the population suffers from gum problems and one of the most effective remedies is the use of natural salt. 

Apart from its products, Clogard has also been in the frontline in conducting awareness campaigns, mobile dental clinics and educational programmes to make the Sri Lankan smile a brighter one. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining oral hygiene is an essential aspect. There is evidence that daily hygiene measures are a vital part of infection prevention, which is important in the prevention of transmission and acquisition of the virus. In order to minimize the risk of viral infection among people, the population should be informed of the measures in the dental environment that should be taken to reduce possible cross-contamination, including not sharing a toothbrush or the same toothpaste tube, not sharing the cup where the toothbrush is stored, disinfecting the toothbrush after each use and changing the toothbrush after a viral process. 

Clogard with its range of products provide you with total oral care solutions during the pandemic to help curb the spread of virus and continue its mission in establishing a cavity-free Sri Lanka. 

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