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Feb 01 2016.

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Working as an  Administration Officer for the Smithsonian Field Research Station in Polonnaruwa, Vatsala loves the sounds of the ocean. She also likes binge watching TV series and dislikes animal cruelty and disillusioned folk. She also professes a love for boogie boarding. 

Why do you love travel? 

I come back inspired and rejuvenated, with memories to carry till the next journey. 

Your favourite travel destination and why? 

Lech, Austria. Skiing is amazing there and in St. Anton. The people are friendly, the pistes are groomed perfectly and the instructors never forget you. 

What do you need for a perfect holiday? 

Imperfect partner. There’s a never dull moment. 

In which country have you felt most at home? 

Limassol, Cyprus. 

Most unusual souvenir you have brought home? 

Lava rocks from Bali, Indonesia. 

Worst holiday or travel experience? 

Sadly, Yala, Sri Lanka. The most awful female staff member at one of the most exclusive hotels ruined our experience. 

Best piece of travel advice? 

‘Get yourself a pair of snow chains for the shoes, dear’. 

Your top five travel destinations? 

Maldives, Bali, Cyprus, Polonnaruwa and Washington DC. 

What has travel taught you? 

I read that ‘History provides a cultural literacy,’ I learnt that the feelings are more acute when you stand on the sacred grounds where words were spoken and battles were fought than merely reading words on a page. 

Which country did you taste the best ever cuisine? 


Next travel destination? 

United States. 

By Tina Edward Gunawardhana


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