Pandula’s Fitness Goals

Jan 04 2019. views 2031

A Doctor by profession Pandula Basnayake is a man of many straits, excelling in the respective field of medicine, he believes in experimenting in different fields.  Adventures and challenges aren’t something new for him.

Known for his fitness addiction and good looks, this 20 something doctor has food a new passion. At a very young age, he was fascinated by the local martial art Angampora. The fading art caught attention a few years ago since then he wanted to master the art. Through Angampora he wants to promote a healthy workout and wellbeing and enlighten the Sri Lankan community about the forgotten vast knowledge and philosophy of the art. 
 Pandula is working with organizations to implement a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle, without the use of performance enhancing drugs which are commonly known as steroids. “Promoting a drug-free environment in the fitness and bodybuilding field has always been a mission of mine. “

“Angampora is a fading art, this amazing Sinhalese martial art has lost its prominence. Many don’t know the benefits of learning this art. I am still a novice and have a long way to go.  I hope to learn more through practical engagement and research and possibly share my knowledge in the future. 
Working at the eye unit of the Teaching Hospital in Kandy, he sets his sights on his other pursuits on his free time. “I am a very competitive fitness athlete and bodybuilder, since my school days I wanted to get into athletics. When I started my medical career, my fondness for bodybuilding grew further”. 

Having won many accolades for his bodybuilding skills, from 2011 to 2017 at the Mr Sri Lanka Competition always winning his weight class and competing in the finals against some tough competitors. Pandula has always been a winner and holds a black belt in Taekwondo which in 2004 he was awarded a gold medal at the Korean Cup. Having these to his credit, he has chosen to train in Angampora. 
He wants to study Sri Lankan heritage and history, to research and promote the Lanka’s heritage when he represents the country at international competitions. In 2019, Pandula will be preparing for the national bodybuilding championships, from there to the international champions and hopes to achieve success. 

Years into fitness and bodybuilding, he wants to pass on his knowledge and experience to future bodybuilders and prepare them for many championships.  

“Fitness is very important to me; it’s not about having the perfect body. It should be building a healthy foundation, I have taken a pledge to see that everyone is fit, and doing some form of workout. I want to build a healthy and sustainable nation. In order to do this, I want to be a good example”.


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