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Jul 06 2024.

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Situated in the heart of Colombo Fort, Tarlton Tea Shop & Cafe is a cosy haven for all tea lovers who are on a quest to elevate their palate. Ventura Tea (Pvt) Ltd in collaboration with Nook Cakery & Cafe held a soft launch with guests being treated to a pleasant array of tea and canapes. With the vision of expanding the horizons of Sri Lankan cuisine, Tarlton promises a unique experience to its patrons.

The menu at Tarlton comprises a large range of savoury and sweet treats which complement the one-of-a-kind beverages offered. Having tried some of these beverages personally, it can be proudly stated that these beverages are unlike anything Colombo has ever seen before. The accurate sentiment that could sum up the whole experience at Tarlton would be that ‘the menu fits any mood you’re feeling and any occasion you visit Tarlton for’.

Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, the café dedicates itself to bringing a holistic cuisine inspired by European, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. Tarlton has garnered international popularity over the years as the brand can be found in many tea shops ranging from Casablanca and Istanbul to Adelaide and Rio de Janeiro. Sri Lanka being a leading tea exporter across the globe, there are many household brands that come to mind, Venture Tea being one of them.

Produced in a state-of-the-art factory, Venture Tea offers an eclectic variety including green tea, herbal tea, Ceylon black tea, wellness tea, speciality tea and caffeine-free tea, reaching to over 40 countries. Simultaneously, the Nook Cakery & Café is the epitome of fine desserts. Run by a dynamic duo, Ishara and Naresh, the bakery and café prides itself in offering the best customer experience through their high-quality desserts. To them, Tarlton is an opportunity to express the high-quality standard they have set for themselves in offering the finest desserts to Colombo.

“We intend to use local ingredients infused with Western and local techniques. The dessert section you find with food here will not be found anywhere else. There are many tea-infused desserts we offer, which we can confidently say is exclusive to our café” states Ishara. “The food was amazing. This is the perfect place for friends to gather around and have a casual time. From the atmosphere of this place to the quality of food and drinks provided, this is one of those places you won’t regret splurging on” claimed Tharushika, a guest at the opening of the café.

Located in the heart of the city, Tarlton Tea Shop and Café is an eye-catching spot that promises a good, tranquil time of food and tea. 

By Tiranya Ranasinghe


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