Seasonal Cheer at Paan Paan

Dec 08 2022.

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The year’s most festive month is upon us and Paan Paan will add to the Seasonal Cheer this December with an array of specially curated Chrismassy goodies. 

Paan Paan has gone on to firmly cement its place as one of Colombo’s leading artisanal bakeries. And over the years, they have expanded their operations, with branches across the city, offering an exciting array of freshly made bread and savouries of excellent quality.

Paan Paan recently launched their Seasonal Cheer menu and platters during the weekend in the midst of an intimate gathering of like-minded foodies. Guests had the opportunity to sample some of the delicious goodies on offer and meet the people making Paan Paan the success it is today. Speaking to the Daily Mirror Life, Aboo Yusuf, owner of Paan Paan shared that he was excited about the season and launch of their seasonal menu. The efforts are a culmination of months of work putting things together. “We usually have a variety of bread we introduce for Christmas. This time we have expanded the line to include platters in small, medium and large sizes”. While the platters comprise seasonal goodies, Aboo adds that people can have the platters customised, should the need arise. 

Head Chef Jagath Wijesinghe also shared his enthusiasm for the season, adding that their seasonal offerings have always drawn a loyal crowd. “I must also add that these seasonal goodies are available in most places during December, but what sets us apart is the taste of our products. We use the best quality ingredients. Although we had a lot of challenges in getting ingredients, we managed with local products and this was a great opportunity to showcase that we have great local ingredients. So we changed our recipes according to availability while ensuring the food tastes great”.

Pictured: Head Chef Jagath with his team

Seasonal goodies available include Breudher (mini breather is also available), Paris Brest, Coffee Profiteroles, Raisin Scones, Cinnamon Rolls and so much more! Platters are also on offer this season and are priced at Rs 2800 (small), Rs 4500 (medium) and Rs 6700 (large). The Small platter includes Almond Tart (2pcs), Strawberry Tart (2 Pcs), Mini Breudher (2 Pcs), Mince Pies (2 Pcs), Christmas Cake Pieces (2 Pcs), Ginger Cookies (2 Pcs) and Ginger Bread Sticks (3 Pcs). The Medium platter includes Almond Tart (3pcs), Strawberry Tart (3pcs), Mini Breudher (3pcs), Mince Pie (3 pcs), Christmas Cake Pieces (3pcs), Ginger Cookies (3pcs), Ginger Bread Sticks (3pcs) and Chocolate Chip Cookies (3pcs). The Large platter comprises Almond Tart (5pcs), Strawberry Tart (5pcs), Mini Breudher (5pcs), Mince Pie (5pcs), Cinnamon Rolls (5pcs), Ginger Cookies (6pcs), Ginger Bread Sticks (6pcs) and Chocolate Chip Cookies (6pcs).
The seasonal goodies will be available at all their outlets throughout the month of December. So do head over to Paan Paan for your dose of Seasonal Cheer!


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