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We all love our side of fries. They go with everything. Most fast food restaurants serve them as sides but honestly, what if they weren’t just a side? What if we just put a big spotlight on why we order from all these takeout spots in the first place?  Loaded Fries CMB - a new take out spot in Colombo is doing just that: Baked Potato Fries. Insane toppings.

Fine dining. Takeout. Snacks. Call it what you may. Food has evolved from just a necessity to an indulgence in most parts of the world, adopting traits from different cultures eventually leading to what we know today as the various cuisines around the globe - creating some of the most decadent dishes out there. Not only that, foodies have strayed from cooking traditional dishes to more out of the box ones. Some might seem a little too out there, but some dishes leave you thinking, “That’s genius, how didn’t I think of that?”.

Having slowly garnered a small social media following for their colourful concepts, I knew I just had to try out their dishes. Their dishes are only a few in number, but I always believed it’s better to have quality over quantity. The Chicken Chillie (Rs. 990/-) was great. The dish is balanced in terms of flavour with the chillie queso and jalapenos bringing the spice (which is in no way overbearing) and the guacamole adding a bit of volume along with the sour cream bringing a light tang to the entire ensemble.

The Spicy Fried Chicken (Rs. 990/-) was a complete flip in terms of textures. The spicy chicken pops in place of the chillie and peppers was a small twist that made the entire dish completely different, keeping the best components and adding a bit of choice between the two dishes. Needless to say that these toppings are served on a bed of brilliantly seasoned (and roasted) french fries. The Butter Chicken (Rs. 1100) is in a league of its own. A twist on the traditional Indian dish, these loaded fries come with a very hefty serving of creamy butter chicken along with dollops of sour cream to boot. The combination of the fan-favourite chicken dish and the roasted potatoes truly sends you to foodie heaven.

Another dish which is a definite recommendation (and while it might sound odd - trust me when I say that I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was) is their Tamarind Loaded Fries (Rs. 780/-). The tamarind chutney basically punches you with flavour leaving a mild tone of spice as well. This coupled with the sour cream and the fries themselves really sends you on an adventure. As for serving sizes, I can safely say you get your money’s worth for these dishes with each serving being way more than enough for one person. 

Their newest addition - Mini Hash Brown Sliders (Rs. 1600/-)  are quite a new take on the term sliders, swapping buns for hash browns. These 6 mini sliders are pockets full of joy with a juicy chicken patty and cheddar cheese found in between two crunchy hash browns. I’m interested to see what flavour combinations they can come up with for these sliders!

Founded by Amanda Vedanayagam just this year, Loaded Fries CMB is slowly making a name for itself in an ever-growing industry. To put it simply, they’re doing what most foodies have been dreaming of doing while watching those hunger-inducing cooking videos online - and they’re succeeding at it! If you get the chance, do try out their menu! You can reach them on Instagram (@loaded_fries_cmb) or Facebook (loadedfriescmb) and they’re available on UberEats and PickMe Foods for easy delivery! They’re open from Monday to Saturday from 3.30 PM to 8.30 PM so make sure you place your orders quickly so you don’t miss out!

Big shout out to the team at Loaded Fries CMB for ensuring their food is up to such great quality in the midst of the lockdown madness. Do take the time to support your local foodie spots, they’re going through this pandemic as much as we are. Most importantly - Stay safe, and stay indoors!

text Vihan Wickramasurendra 



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