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Starting her business in 2020, Nafla Nazad has found a niche spot in the dessert market, Kulfi. Kulfi is an Indian dessert that is made out of fresh milk and sugars. Kulfi is still a new concept to many Sri Lankans here and it is mostly served at Indian restaurants. However, Nafla’s initiative to make it conveniently available for everyone has been successful as Kulfi Corner continues to gather new followers every day. 

What do you offer?
I offer kulfis of different flavours in clay pots (serves one), and I undertake personalized platters, gift boxes for special occasions as per customized. The flavours I provide are: Kesar Badam, Matak Malai, Chocolate, Pistachios, Rose and Mango. I also offer Kulfi shakes with two flavours to choose; Almond and Pistachios.

Kulfi is known for its Indian origins. How is it received in Sri Lanka?
Although kulfi is an Indian dessert, it’s popular among the Sri Lankan community too. From the very beginning, I’ve been getting a vast response from the community. People love the idea of almonds and pistachios being added, as they are healthy and nutritious. They also love the idea of a dessert coming in reusable pots and wooden spoons. 

Tell us briefly how kulfi is made. 
This frozen dairy-based dessert is made of fresh milk, and sugar to which I add almonds, pistachios, cardamom, and saffron, as I offer in various flavours. The mixture of kulfi is poured into clay pots and frozen until they set. Later, I top them with pistachios and almonds, and I finally foil it. Unlike ice creams, I do not whip kulfis. They are denser and creamier when compared to gelatos. Without a second thought, this traditional dessert is a hundred percent vegetarian and does not contain any preservatives.

What inspired you to start this business?
I remember the day I came across a pottery shop and grabbed a few pots. I love trying new dishes from different cuisines so; I tried making the six flavours I love for the first time. My family enjoyed the kulfis and encouraged me to start a home-based kulfi business and it turned out to be the first home-based business with many flavours to choose from. This inspired me to start Kulfi Corner.

What kind of an impact has Covid-19 made on your business?
The crisis has affected the overall economy. I could not find a trustworthy delivery partner. And I could not buy earthenware as the shops were closed, but focusing on some positive keys, my business escalated during this period and grew bigger.

How have you utilized social media to get your business known among its customer base and the public?
Social media was a great tool for a startup business. My family and friends shared my posts on their stories and spread the word. This helped me generate engagement with my brand.

What is the most fulfilling thing you have felt during the operations of your business?
I love receiving feedback, pictures, and reviews from my beloved customers. It truly brightens my day. It’s also a great pleasure to serve my repeat customers as it shows their love for my product.

What is the product you are most proud of?
Each of the flavours has a different range of customers as they prefer unique toppings. The products I’m most proud of are Kesar Badam and Matka Malai, as they were the first to capture the hearts of my customers.

What are the challenges you have faced while operating this business?
I could not manage it by myself when I got many orders during the pandemic. As a mother of two little boys, it was chaotic to handle the household chores and my business, but through my husband’s unending support, love, and encouragement despite him being busy with his own work, I could overcome the challenges as a stay-at-home parent.

What are your future plans for your business?
My plans would be to distribute my products islandwide as I’d want everyone to dive into my divine Desi dessert with many flavours to choose from and l’d love to make my amazing customers’ wishes come true, as they keep asking me to put up a little cafe for them to dine in. Not soon, but one day.

You can find Kulfi Corner on instagram (@kulfi.corner) and place your order

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