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Feb 15 2024.

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Fish & Co. is a Singaporean franchise that specializes in serving fresh seafood cooked in a pan. Since 1998, Fish & Co. has been a go-to spot for seafood lovers, with outlets in over 10 countries. Recently, Fish & Co. opened their first Sri Lankan outlet at Havelock City Mall, and we were excited to experience the renowned Singaporean seafood recipes here in Colombo.


At Fish & Co., the vibe is laid-back and welcoming, creating the perfect atmosphere for a chilled-out dining experience. With a charming sea theme, the place features a soothing colour palette that brings the ocean to mind.


Fish & Co. offers a diverse selection of beverages, including mocktails, mojitos, juices, floats, coffee, and tea, among others. Their signature 1-litre blends are a standout feature. We tried the 1L Retro Choc (Rs.1190). Retro Choc also known as the Milo Dinosaur comes in a big mug with Milo on top, plus Hershey’s chocolate syrup and crushed ice. It tasted so good that I drank it too fast and got a brain freeze. It is a definite musttry and is perfect for sharing between two people. We also tried the Strawberry ‘N’ Crème (Rs.890), a popular mocktail among Fish & Co.’s customers, according to their team. It combines strawberry syrup, pineapple, orange and apple juice with crushed ice and vanilla ice cream. It was delicious, icy, with a unique flavour and definitely perfect for a warm day to cool down.

The Food

We began with the Caesar Salad with Tamago (Rs.1490), and it was quite good. The croutons were crispy, the veggies were fresh, and the dressing added a nice flavour to each bite. Fish & chips don’t get any better than at Fish & Co. They offer seven varieties of fish & chips from around the world: New York Fish & Chips, Swiss Fish & Chips, Danish Fish & Chips, Bombay Fish & Chips, Singapore Fish & Chips, Salted Egg Fish & Chips, and the classic, The Best Fish & Chips. We ordered the Swiss Fish & Chips (Rs.3190) because it had the ‘Get Hooked’  stamp next to it. The fish was stuffed with mozzarella cheese and had an oregano rub, topped with a garlic lemon butter sauce, and served with crispy fresh fries on the side. The fish was super crispy and tasted amazing with a generous amount of cheese stuffing and a yummy sauce. They worked so well together, we are now hooked on this dish.

Their seafood platter for 2 (Rs.7790) seems to have enough seafood for 3 people in our opinion. It includes mussels, tiger prawns, calamari, barramundi, corn, tomato, and rice. According to Head Chef Sunil, all the ingredients are fresh and bought from local vendors, and the sauces are homemade from organic farm-fresh produce, which is always great to hear. The seafood platter tasted really good. While the seafood wasn’t as spicy as we would have liked, the flavours were unique, and we loved it regardless. The rice was fragrant and tasty too. Tip – If you want to make your dish spicier ask for the spicy tomato salsa and chilli dip.

My absolute favourite dish of the evening was the Prawn Fettuccini with Chilli Cream (Rs.3490). The fresh, succulent sautéed prawns, combined with the rich flavours of the homemade chilli cream and the soft fettuccini pasta, melt in your mouth and make you want to keep eating. The spiciness level in this dish was just right. Loved every bite of it, and I think it’s a must-have if you visit Fish & Co. The menu also includes a variety of seafood dishes, combo options, pizzas, pasta, rice, and more.


The team at Fish & Co. was really nice and friendly. They made sure to ask how we felt about the food from time to time to ensure we were enjoying everything. Some team members even shared their experiences at Fish & Co. outlets in Singapore, which was quite interesting. All in all, the service was great!


A great seafood experience with fresh, authentic and flavourful food and drinks. A variety of interesting dishes to choose from and a great atmosphere to dine in. Try Fish & Co. once and you will be sailing back craving for more. Our Favourites/Recommendations - Prawn Fettuccini with Chilli Cream and Retro Choc.

Text  Jessica Mathiasz

Pics Kushan Pathiraja


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