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Desserts have always been at the apex of gifting due to their wide appeal, and small businesses are now upping the ante, creating desserts that are visually stunning. is one such venture, with a wide array of strawberries, cakes and dessert enveloped in chocolate. social media comprise visually stunning pictures of their goodies, all incredibly beautiful and picture-perfect. Mom of 3 Sameera, who's the creative force behind shared that she's a "big believer of the saying you eat with your eyes… I love to play with colours, decorate, and jazz up the treats I make to make them more visually appealing. I get inspired by a lot of things around me". Her creative ethos is, without a doubt, a testament to her lovingly crafted treats.

Speaking of her baking experience, Sameera stated that she "started baking very young. I was simply amazed by the fact that simple everyday ingredients like eggs, sugar, butter, etc can be turned into something amazing like cake. I don’t have any professional experience. I am a self-taught home baker, so most of what I learned is through the trial and error method". 

It was her love of cooking and baking that ultimately led Sameera to start her own food-related business. "I love to cook and bake especially desserts and making them look very attractive. Starting a business was always at the back of my head but I was too afraid to actually do it. I was a banker for almost 10 years and started working when I was 18. My sister Shenaz and husband encouraged me a lot to start my own venture and I finally had the courage to quit my job and follow my passion. It’s my family that’s behind me through all this supporting me. It’s a team effort", she added.

"Right now mostly we focus on chocolate-based treats like coated strawberries, cakesicles, geometric hearts etc. We make treat boxes that are mostly purchased for gifting. It’s a pretty box of coordinated treats and it’s very eye-catching and delicious according to most of my customers." Unsurprisingly, Sameera's favourite thing to make are the themed treat boxes. "I especially love to come up with new designs, colour combinations and keep up with the new food trends", she explained. 

"It’s been almost 8 months since we started this and the acceptance has been crazy. I am truly humbled by all the support and love I get. I didn’t think my little business would rise this much. I am truly and greatly thankful. I'm currently working on introducing some new products and adding some delicious desserts to our menu."

Sameera sent across one of her curated dessert boxes that comprised chocolate coated strawberries, cakesicles, and geometric hearts. A pretty gift is all well and good, but ultimately, what will be remembered is the taste. Sameera's desserts also tasted as good as they looked. The hardened chocolate coating gave the cakes it enveloped a textural element, making it a lot more enjoyable. The cakes themselves were perfectly moist and delicious without being suffocatingly sweet.

Tasty and visually beautiful, the curated treats make for a perfect gifting option. Sameera will be happy to personalise the boxes according to your requirements so you can help put together the perfect sweet gift.
When ordering, Sameera prefers that you do so about 2-3 days prior to the date to avoid any disappointment.

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