Chocolate Heaven by Java Lounge

Mar 29 2024.

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Introducing Chocolate Heaven by Java Lounge, located opposite Java Lounge Barnes Place. Anuradha Herath, the face behind the success of Java Lounge has started her journey on her brand new venture. Java Lounge has been open for 12 years and has flourished into one of the most well-recognised coffee shops in Sri Lanka. Java Lounge has 15 shops now, including a brand-new outlet in Weligama.

The inspiration behind Chocolate Heaven comes from the personal interest of the owner Anuradha Herath. Being a chocoholic herself she wanted to share her love for chocolate with the rest of Sri Lanka. Before starting her journey with Chocolate Heaven she took part in a customised course at Prima. This was so that she could learn the art of chocolate making and the true beauty of what makes good chocolate. This provided her with more knowledge and facts about chocolate as well as a burning passion to explore the chocolate world.

The speciality of Chocolate Heaven is the number of options provided. With over 44 different varieties of Chocolates at a very reasonable price, sugar-free dark chocolate, mango truffle, caramel-filled lips, pralines, ganache chocolates and dark chocolate truffle are some of the many options provided. Chocolate bouquets are also available and can be given as a very romantic and thoughtful gift. Prices range from  Rs.180/- upwards. Another speciality is they have a chocolate variety box that you can customise to your liking. It is a great gift for multiple occasions such as weddings, graduations, birthdays or maybe even as an apology, anything can be customised to your liking. This is a very thoughtful idea as it caters to all customers' needs.

Whatever you want, Chocolate Heaven will provide it. The Easter speciality range is also a very popular choice currently. Due to multiple requests, the store has also a variety of Chocolate Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies in multiple sizes. Easter chocolates being so difficult to find in Sri Lanka, Chocolate Heaven can be your go-to place to get your easter treats for your kids as well as yourself. One of the most interesting things they offer at  Chocolate Heaven is their chocolate slabs. Providing 6 varieties of flavours, the slabs are something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

The flavours include Dark Mint and Raisin Chocolate, Bee Honey and Cashew Caramel, plain dark chocolate, plain milk chocolate, Passion Cream chocolate and Cookie and Cream chocolate. These are available at all Java stores. The design aspect of Chocolate Heaven is great. For your orders, they provide you with some of the most beautiful and elegant chocolate boxes. With many varieties and colours, this makes Chocolate Heaven that much better. The interior of the store is also a delight to the eyes. It is a beautiful shop that will for sure have you taking a picture of it.

With her Head Chef and the rest of her team, Anuradha Herath has come up with an overall great concept. Dedicating time and effort, the team has a store that is very well put together and detailed. As a team, they aspire to give you an exciting and rewarding experience at Chocolate Heaven. Anuradha Herath being a female entrepreneur loves supporting other female entrepreneurs. She supports a lady that makes beautiful greeting cards and these handmade cards are available to buy along with chocolates to add as the cherry on top of your beautiful gift. With her passionate efforts and enthusiasm, Chocolate Heaven is currently working on having their chocolates available at supermarkets.

TEXT Noah Jesse

PIX BY Waruna Wanniarachichi


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