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May 30 2024.

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The timing couldn't be more perfect for Burger Hangover's debut. With the recent closure of a popular fast-food spot, the burger scene has a void that needs filling. Burger Hangover steps in with a promise to up the ante, offering a fresh, vibrant alternative that already has the community buzzing.

Burger Hangover's story is a testament to embracing happy accidents. The co-founders initially set out to conquer Colombo's noodle scene, but a friend's wise nudge towards the booming burger industry proved to be a golden one. They honed their recipe, dished out samples to loved ones, and with rave reviews, took the plunge with delivery service UberEATS. While they've clearly come a long way, they readily admit there's still a learning curve, especially in managing a brand-new dine-in space with a focus on fresh-to-order service. 


Stepping into Burger Hangover is like entering a familiar, brightly coloured fast food universe. Spread over two floors, the ground floor can feel bustling and crowded as it's the primary order-taking area. Head upstairs for a quieter vibe and the pièce de résistance: a stunning ocean view, perfect for catching the sunset. Parents seeking a moment of peace will appreciate the dedicated playroom where they can keep an eye on their little ones through a convenient glass door.


The beverage menu at Burger Hangover features a range of hot and cold coffees, alongside refreshing mojitos and soft drinks. I tried the Strawberry Mojito and the Iced Latte with a hazelnut add-on. Both drinks were delightful, but the Iced Latte stood out as my favourite. Its creamy, nutty flavour provided a perfect balance and was a refreshing complement to the meal.

The Food

The menu at Burger Hangover is a crowd-pleaser. Burgers come in mini and regular sizes, with halal-certified beef and chicken options. Nuggets, fries, a dedicated kids menu, and a selection of tempting desserts round out the offerings.

The Flying Dutchman (Beef) - 4.5/5
My burger adventure began with the aptly named "Flying Dutchman" – a double beef patty behemoth adorned with cheese, caramelised onions, and a spicy-garlicky sauce. The most satisfying aspect? Each bite delivered a satisfying punch of beef - the patties extend to the edges of the bun - a welcome departure from Colombo's tendency towards patty-shy burgers. While the taste leaned towards classic fast food flavours, it was undeniably delicious and delivered a hearty punch. 

Crispy Chicken Burger - 4/5
Next up was the Crispy Chicken Burger. Flavour-wise, it delivered a satisfying experience. The chicken itself was well-cooked and bursting with taste. However, the texture didn't quite hit the crisp level I was hoping for. That said, it was still a solid contender on the menu, and with a touch more textural excitement, it could become a real crowd favourite.


The dessert selection, featuring Double Chocolate, Nutella Indulgence, and Salted Caramel, was a revelation. The Salted Caramel stole the show with its creamy texture and perfect balance of sweet and salty. While the Double Chocolate and Nutella options were equally decadent, the Salted Caramel's unique flavour profile left a lasting impression. A solid 5/5! 

A Promising New Player
Burger Hangover is a promising newcomer to Colombo's burger scene. The fresh ingredients, generous portions, and oceanfront location are definite wins. While the burger flavours themselves might not break new ground, they deliver a satisfying and familiar punch. However, the desserts are a delightful surprise, showcasing a creativity that hints at Burger Hangover's potential to truly stand out. Given their commitment to fresh ingredients and a willingness to learn, Burger Hangover is definitely a restaurant to keep an eye on. 

Address: 562/12, Lower Bagatalle Road, Marine Drive, Colpetty
Contact: 0777 277 895
Hours of Operation: 4 pm - 11 pm
Instagram: @burgerhangover.lk
Parking: Street parking

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