Rajani Serasinghe Unveils ’Nature’s Abundance’: A Mosaic Art Exhibition

Mar 26 2024.

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Rajani Serasinghe opened her art exhibition, “Nature’s Abundance: Mosiac Impressions of Tropical Flora & Fauna” at Social Affairs on Stratford Avenue for public viewing from March 22nd to 27th.  At the exhibition, several of her art pieces are on display at the café for viewing and purchase – each piece reflecting the vibrant and vivacious flora and fauna of Sri Lanka.

 The Mosaic’d-by-Raj artist is well known for her creative approach to mosaic art and this exhibition bears testament to her unique skill and talent. What sets her work apart is not just the aesthetic appeal of each of her art, but the very materials from which it is crafted. Serasinghe breathes new life into discarded items like damaged tiles, unused glass strips, and broken ceramics, transforming them into captivating works of art.  Each piece is also meticulously shaped and painted by hand and assembled to form intricate compositions that speak for themselves.

“I really love the idea of sustainable design. The fact that each of my artworks is made with material that would have otherwise been discarded is firmly rooted in my belief that art and sustainability go hand in hand.” One standout piece at the exhibition, “Flamingos at Dawn” epitomizes Serasignhe’s mastery of the craft. Created using intricately cut and shaped glass and tiles, this artwork exudes a sense of movement with its brush like strokes with the clever juxtapose of colours and jagged cuts. This piece is so striking at first glance – it is little wonder that it was snapped up almost immediately at the exclusive preview of the exhibition.

Similarly, her piece “White Lotus Butterfly” incorporated discarded corks into the intricate puzzle of glass and tile that made up the insect, adding texture and contrast to the piece, while other pieces also featured elements like seashells and shattered pieces of mirror. Speaking about her artistic ethos, Serasinghe emphasizes her love for nature and her desire to convey its beauty through her work. “Each piece carries with it an emotion, a connection to the flora and fauna that inspired me.”

Serasinghe’s journey into the world of mosaic art began at 15, nurtured by her mother, who herself was an artist. She and her sisters were always encouraged to pursue creative hobbies, and she often found herself experimenting with different art forms, eventually stumbling across mosaics when she made her first-ever mosaic tray from discarded materials she found at home. She eventually pursued a career in interior design but her passion for creativity never waned. As a stay-at-home mother, she continued to find her passion in creating mosaic art, eventually turning her hobby into a thriving business. 

Today, she specializes in mirror mosaics, house number designs and custom homeware items. 

Catch the magic of Rajani Serasinghe’s transformative mosaics at Social Affairs (Stratford Avenue) from March 22nd to 27th. For more information,  follow Rajani’s work on Instagram @mosiacd_lk. 


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