Here for a Fit-On: Another rib-tickling comedy by Indu Dharmasena

Feb 09 2024.

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Sri Lanka’s English theatre landscape is in for a treat as veteran playwright, theatre director and dramatist Indu Dharmasena preps to hit the stage this weekend. Following a long hiatus post-COVID, Dharmasena was back in the theatre scene in 2022 with ‘Chaos by SMS’. This time around, Dharmasena is bringing the stage alive with ‘Here for a Fit-On’. 

Dr. Premjith Suwadena, played by Dharmasena himself is planning a romantic rendezvous with his latest love interest Sumi played by Michelle Herft. He plans to invite her over to Maithri Sri Hadakarana’s house. But things go haywire when several uninvited guests including a hypochondriac neighbour and another one of his previous love interests drop by unannounced. Bandu, Maithri’s assistant, played by Anushan Selvarajah adds more spice throughout the chaos.

The cast includes Sanwada Dharmasena, Saneesha Ramanayaka, Sanjana Selvarajah, Jaliya Wijewardene, Kamanthi Wickramasinghe, Kavi Gunasekara and Anaz Badurdeen giving life to characters such as Anjana, Anushika, Renuka, Mahen, Gloria and Mahen’s two security guards Nimal and Tilak respectively. Dharmasena has written and produced plays for English theatre in Sri Lanka since the early 1980s.

Inspired by Ray Cooney and Georgette Heyer, Dharmasena’s scripts blend well with various segments of Sri Lankan society. Even though he had faced criticisms for not sticking to standard English, Dharmasena has quite cleverly highlighted the comic effect in each of his scripts. Having written over 60 plays, each with an original script of his own from Chaos by SMS to Love, Lies and Diamonds to The Real Housewives of Colombo, the Madai Tommiya series, Indu has brought many characters to life over the years.

At a time when life has become quite serious with multiple crises, Dharmasena brings in a much-needed rib-tickling comedy to make you laugh out loud. The same applies to anybody who has performed in a play directed by Dharmasena. While making sure that everybody plays their role to perfection, the memories gathered during rehearsals are cherished for life. ‘Here for a fit-on’ is a fundraiser project organised by the Colombo Branch of the Trinity College Old Boys’ Union and is produced by Amphitheatre Productions.

To find out if Dr. Suwadena succeeds in carrying out his ‘confidential consultations’, be sure to make your way to the Bishop’s College Auditorium on February 9, 10 or 11 at 7.30 pm. 


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