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SLASH, Sri Lanka’s first-ever Buy-1-Get-1 Free Coupon App hosted their first experience event for app users and newcomers. The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary – Return to Hogwarts event took place on the 2nd of January at Butlers Pub with Potterheads getting together for a screening of the much-awaited HBO 20th Anniversary Harry Potter reunion.

At the event itself, it was fair to say that SLASH spared no expense in going all out to curate an all-inclusive Harry Potter adventure for Potterheads. Enter the venue by running straight ahead between platforms at a makeshift King’s Cross Station with your trolley to enter platform 9 ¾ and make your way to the talking Sorting Hat to be assigned your House – are you a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? The venue itself was arranged to resemble the Great Hall in the Hogwarts Castle with all four House tables and each corner and nook of the space was set up with props and memorabilia of iconic scenes from Harry Potter.

The event kicked off with a series of games, including a very intense quiz that tested even the most die-hard fan of Harry Potter because really, how does one know the answer to ‘Which row in the hall of prophecy contains the prophecy about Harry and Lord Voldemort?’ – surprisingly, quite a few fans did! The Houses battled each other in four intense rounds of games and activities and ultimately, Ravenclaw won the coveted House Cup. The event also included a 3 course Harry Potter themed meal by Butlers Pub; Three Broomsticks Chef’s Special Buffalo Wings, Weasley Family’s Favourite Roast Chicken, Honey Dukers Gourmet Acid Pop, and Madam Rosmerta’s Specialty Mix Butterbeer.

The screening of the 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts reunion was an emotional 100 minutes. Watching the cast and directors talk about the making of the films and give little insights into behind the scene events of a film that is loved by millions and transcends over generations was nostalgic.

At the end of a successful event, Co-Founders of SLASH, Tasneem Turabally, and Hussain Turabally shared the concept behind the event. “SLASH is an experience app and we are excited to kick off our first experience and curate more in the future. The SLASH app is a win-win platform for everyone – you simply have to subscribe to a plan of your choice and enjoy savings on your total bill. From our largest plan, a user can save a million rupees as of right now. On the other hand, SLASH also allows vendors to get more bookings, exposure, and advertising.”
A few Potterheads also shared their thoughts on the event:

“It has been one of a lifetime experience for me. The reunion was so emotional! I started reading Harry Potter when I was 12 and I’ve been collecting the books from every edition ever since.”

“This event was so worth it – what an experience. The reunion was amazing. I’ve been waiting for it for so long!”

“We’ve seen events like this happen in other countries and when I saw SLASH deal’s Instagram post, I knew I wanted to be here. Superb experience overall and really well organised”

“I think it was really fun. The quiz was incredible and the games were fun. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and when someone showed me SLASH deal’s post, I said ‘we are going for this, no matter what’. The reunion was so sweet, emotional and brought back a lot of memories”

“They did such a great job with this event, especially the décor and a super choice of place. It was an absolutely splendid event for Potterheads and they should do a lot more of these. The reunion was so emotional – thank God they kept tissues on the table!”

“I really loved it, they’ve gone into so much detail! Potterheads in Sri Lanka don’t have a lot of events like this so I really loved it. The reunion was all warm fuzzies for me. I didn’t expect to get that emotional at the end and it was lovely to see them all back together”.

“It was a trip down memory lane and seeing the characters after so long was nice. Harry Potter has always been a safe space for us.”

“I loved it – especially the quiz, the food, and the screening. It was so fun and I really didn’t expect Slash deals to go all out like this. I’ve never seen a place so decorated”.

“We had a throwback to all the Harry Potter movies and it was very nice for SLASH to organise this. The reunion was so emotional and happy at the same time”.

“We had a lot of fun. So glad SLASH did this Harry Potter event. It has been such a great experience and it was great to meet new people and fellow Potterheads.”

“Loved how interactive this whole event was. I loved the attention to detail, the décor, and the theme. The way they approached us, kept in touch, and handled this whole event has been fantastic. Amazing job SLASH deals!”.

“Absolutely loved this event. The reunion was bittersweet; sweet for the fact that we got to see everyone back on screen, the golden trio and everything, but bitter because it has ended”.

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