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The Lowdown on Hair Removal 

In perennially sunny Sri Lanka, with no winters to hide behind, hair removal for those who choose to do away with the fuzz is a constant chore. Between picking the right hair removal method, selecting the right professional to help you, and the duration of hairless smooth skin, many factors come into play in decision making. 

Predictably, once size may not fit all (we’re looking at you, laser hair removal), so do make sure you discuss any technique you may choose with the particular technician or doctor to be safe from unfortunate eventualities. Additionally, if you have any medical condition or are on any meds, they need to know. 


Depends on the body part, but definitely threading/tweezing for the face and waxing for the rest of the body part. I prefer not to get my face waxed (upper lip and eyebrows) because the facial skin is sensitive and prone to sagging with constant tugging and pulling. Plus the results are more precise and clean. With the rest of the body, waxing is the best option, because it grows back slower than with shaving. It's pricey though, so sometimes I guiltily pick up my razor. 


I have a pretty low pain tolerance so waxing is a no no for me. I get my eyebrows professionally threaded but when it comes to other areas like hands and upper-lip I use a good hair removal cream. All you need is 3 minutes and the hair growth is much slower and silkier (not prickly) unlike the aftermath of razoring. 


I prefer waxing because shaving tends to lead to a lot of ingrown hairs, and thereby little back spots. It's best to go to waxing specialists because they have the waxes and treatments to suit varied skin and hair types unlike regular salons that use one for all. I would say the biggest con with waxing is that you have to wait for quite a while till your hair has grown out to a suitable ''visible!'' length before you can wax again. So if you have like non stop events or like a time when your hairs are not long enough to wax but you can't go without... It's a bit of a dilemma. If your hairs are too short you end up with all the pain without the gain. Shaving wise my biggest tip is use men's razors. Trust me they work so much better and is honestly the best a wo''man'' can get. They are made for the face so it's actually more carefully crafted. Also, the gel strips at the top last longer. 


So I have sensitive to dry skin and it's a horror to shave. But I do it cause it's so very convenient. The recent hype in beauty has been organic virgin coconut oil & that it can be used as a deep moisturiser.  So just last night I read on that instead of using any shaving cream/soap you could use coconut oil while shaving and then wash it off. And true to their word the razor went easily over the oil, there were no cuts, no red bumps and my legs are still smooth cause my skin was deeply moisturised. 


Best for: Leg, arm, and facial hair 
Pros: Cheap, painless 
Cons: Can cause ingrown hairs, especially in the pubic region. Hair removed only at skin level. Hair grows back coarser. 
Hair regrowth: 1 - 3 days 

Plucking / Tweezing 

Best for: Facial hair 
Pros: Quick. Can remove shorter hairs. 
Cons: Painful. Not for large areas - can cause ingrowth and scarring. Hair breakage. 
Hair regrowth: 2 - 6 weeks 
Tip: Threading yields similar results 

Depilatory Creams (hair removal creams) 

Best for: Face, legs, underarms and bikini area. 
Pros: Available without prescription. 
Cons: Allergy reactions, burns. 
Hair regrowth: a few days to about a week. 
Tip: Always do a patch test and read labels. Use as specified for the respective part of your body. 

Hot Waxing 

Best for: Any part of the body. 
Pros: Quick. Can be done at home. Hair grows back finer. 
Cons: Messy. Painful. Burns likely. Hair growth needs to be at the least ¼ inches long before it can be waxed. 
Hair regrowth: 3 - 6 weeks. 
Tip: Many different types of waxes are available. Do a patch test. Do let your technician know if you are on any medication or if you are pregnant. 

Laser Hair Removal 

Best for: Any part of the body. 
Pros: Works well for those with dark hair and light skin. 
Cons: Not very effective on blonde hairs. Expensive. Sometimes painful. Scarring possible. Touchups required. 
Hair regrowth: 6 - 12 months. 
Tip: Use doctors or licensed professionals for a safe experience. 


Best for: Any part of the body. 
Pros: Most permanent hair removal method available. 
Cons: Painful. Time consuming - each follicle is treated individually. Pigmentation. 
Hair regrowth: Permanent, although not always 100% 
Tip: Electrolysis is done by placing a tiny needle with an electric current in the hair follicle, and there exists two methods - Galvanic (chemical) and Thermolytic (heat) - to destroy the follicle.


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