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Apr 18 2024.

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If I had a FAQ next to my name, it would have to be my favourite and most dreaded question of all time -  “Where do you recommend for us to eat?” It was a question I didn’t really know how to answer at first but over time, I developed a personal strategy by narrowing in on a cuisine – “What are we in the mood for? Chinese? Italian? Indian?”  And if it's Indian, there’s a particular spot I’m rather fond of, and whose food I can personally vouch for: Bombay Borough.  

Bombay Borough is an all-day Indian Bar and Eatery at One Galle Face Mall, serving dishes from different regions of India to deliver modern-day Indian cuisine to the armchair traveller. The restaurant has two sister branches in Dubai and Bangalore and is franchised by Charcoal Concepts of K Hospitality Corp, one of India’s largest hospitality and food service companies.  

I first stumbled into Bombay Borough a few months into its opening with my friends where we proceeded to have what we fondly called a ‘long meal’ for hours over charcoal-roasted chicken kebabs, mango prawn curry, butter chicken and flaky paratha. Then me and my sister where, after many lunch dates, we had ourselves a standard order of our favourites – Naga ghost pepper chicken wings, Chennai crab roti and banana leaf wrapped fish with a side of coconut rice. Every time, I have walked away satisfied and temporarily swearing off Indian food for some time.  

 Recently, Bombay Borough unveiled its much-anticipated new menu which (after assuring me that my standard order still made the cut) I was invited to taste.  General Manager, Manir Khan shared that their latest menu offers a variety of new dishes that are currently trending across India. “The new menu captures the essence of all metro cities in India and the diverse culinary landscape of every region – right from the famous street food Bombay Bhel that’s currently trending in India’s gastronomy scene to the Kashmir tandoor-cooking culture where naan with kebab used to be the breakfast of the royals.” Intrigued, I abandon my usuals in favour of potential new favourites.  

Our appetizers: the trendy Bombay Bhel and Aloo Tikki Chaat. The Bombay Bhel is a humble street-side chaat that’s getting the spotlight for the right reasons – it’s addictive. Made with puffed rice, potatoes, tangy and spicy namkeen tossed with chaat chutneys and raw mango, there are so many elements and textures going on in this dish; from crisp to soft, sweet to sour that it compels you to keep munching. Meanwhile, the Aloo Tikki Chaat is the most wonderful marriage of flavours with the crispy aloo tiki (crispy potato patties) slathered in a spicy green chutney and topped off with a soothing whisked curd.

On the grill, we try their Kashmir Naan Kebab, a dish inspired by Kashmir’s gastronomical heritage where during the Mughal era, it was the popular choice of breakfast for the royals which eventually made its way to the local kitchens in the region and then the country. The Kashmir Kebab is minced lamb infused with ‘kabab chini’ (allspice) which has combined notes of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. Dry and seasoned to perfection, the kebab is served with a ‘doon chetin’, a  saucy yoghurt and walnut dip and hot naan.   Their Curried Fish Tikka is a dry fish dish where the fish is marinaded in a Bombay Borough in-house curry masala, roasted cumin, fennel seeds and curry leaf mix before it’s grilled until charred and served with a cool mint chutney.  Clean, deep flavours – this was a great dish.  On to the mains, I had their Butter Chicken Biriyani and Parda Subz Biriyani with slow cooked vegetables as well as their Paneer Sirka Pyaz, a dish that highlights the Mughal’s tradition of combining raw onion and pickle which gave birth to Sirka Pyaz, a magenta hued vinegar pickled onion. The Paneer Sirka Pyaz tosses creamy paneer cubes on the Tawa (flat pan) with a medley of Indian spices and Sirka Pyaz and is topped off with tempered cumin and chilies. After the mains, it was time for dessert and while I may not have had room for much else, I always have room for dessert – especially for a well-done Rose Falooda with all the works (rose-flavoured milkshake, jelly, vermicelli and vanilla ice cream) and their Kaapi Rasgulla, coffee flavoured fried rasgulla served with salted caramel ice cream and cocoa crunch. Suddenly, my standard order has a dessert component to it – yum!  Accompanying their new food menu is also the latest addition to their beverages.  

For the first time, Bombay Borough introduced Sangria in three flavours – one with pineapple reflecting the Galle Face Glow, one infused with the sweetness of Sri Lankan Jaffna Grapes and the other aptly titled Bollywood Queen for its romance in a glass with rose, cranberry, apple and plum topped with rose petals as its grand finale.  For those that enjoy their cocktails and the generous glass in which they serve them, such as their Jaisalmer Jewel with watermelon and Imli Tonic with tamarind is worth a try.  Their signature mocktail Gulaab Gully is a refresher with fruity and floral notes with its rose and watermelon infusion and their Bombelli Pina Colada is their ode to Goa and its tropical vibes. 

 Overall, after yet another long meal, Bombay Borough reaffirmed its status as one of the go-to places for Indian cuisine and I left that night with a few new additions to my favourites list.  The new menu beckons new diners with a variety of dishes and welcomes old customers with something new to try.  So, can I recommend a place for Indian food, anyone? 

Pix by Pradeep Dilrukshana


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