Vying To Be Popular

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Girlie Hulangamuwa is a gossip and knows all the goings on in her community. For her, there is nothing like a good gossip and a hearty yak at any time with someone in a spot of trouble or having a financial crunch. She offers to lend money, for some form of collateral, and also at a high interest. Girlie does have some interesting stories at the best of times. She, herself, is very slow in the spending department but is practical in many of her points of view. 

Recently in a yak with Girlie, she wondered aloud why people have such a yearning to be popular and long to be in the limelight. Girlie was of the opinion that social media allows such type of person to get his or her two minutes of fame instantly. What really irked Girlie was that one of her clients, who was up to her neck in debt, threw a lavish birthday bash for a humongous number of guests consisting of about thirty of her friends and four hundred and seventy rent a crowd friends who she hardly associated with but had enjoyed some form of two minute fame like herself. 

The party itself was themed, which required a few more thousand rupees for the decorations to capture the mood of the party. Hundreds flocked to the party. They were all costumed and gassed up in all sorts of fancy clothes and hairstyles. Most of them were made up in such a way that it gave the impression of the party being a Halloween and not a Bollywood theme. Social media was inundated with thousands of pictures of all and sundry posing with the birthday girl for the sake of being invited and the rest were of cliques posing in some weird fashionwear. 

The party was done, the birthday girl got all the social media attention for twenty four hours, the guests went home and slandered the party, discussed among themselves the perceived shortcomings of the event and laughed at the birthday girl. The hotel and other professional services involved with the party made pots of money. 

Twenty four hours after the party, a video with some hot content was uploaded on social media and lo and behold all and sundry had forgotten the party and were now agog with the new story going viral around town. 

As anticipated by Girlie, she received a call from the birthday girl, who told her a lame story and requested another lump sum of money. Girlie did not give a toss about the reasons for needing the money;  all she was interested in was negotiating a good collateral and rate of interest. 

Girlie can never understand the stupidity of people wanting to show the world how popular they are, regardless of whether they had money or not, as in times of great crises very few will be around.


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