The Insect Syndrome

May 26 2017. view 172


Living in the tropics we are so accustomed to insects buzzing around us. Flies especially, at a certain time of the year, are more in number and very visible as well as other insects. On many occasions, one would spot a rat running across a lawn or in some gardens, cockroaches may appear and there are times when one might just land on your shoulder for a better view. We also do spot the occasional poisonous snake in the heart of this city. All of this does not mean that they are being deliberately bred as pets. Neither does it mean that you are living under unhygienic conditions; this is part of living in the tropics. 

Regular complaints about insects and rodents are quite common in eating places by fussy people who love to complain about everything. Trixie’s reaction is that it would seem that these grumblers live in such hygienic cocoons that are so sterile and are not used to stepping out to the outdoors. Trixie who was enjoying her breakfast at a home brunch recently heard the relentless grumbling of some woman complaining of a fly or two flying around her. Trixie also had spotted a fly or two and did not give much thought to it since such a phenomen is quite common, especially during the rainy and fruit season. She was also happy at the thought that the host had not used some insecticide to get rid of them as they might have landed on the food. She continued enjoying her breakfast with her buddies, who also did not seem perturbed about a couple of flies. Trixie’s buddy Tutsi who was at the same table then remarked on how she knows the grumbler and when she visited her house she found it to be not the most hygienic and was full of mosquitoes that she was terrified that she would be diagnosed with dengue soon after. 

We all must remember that we live in the tropics and that we will always have insects, rodents and reptiles around us. This does not  mean that you are at a filthy place or that the neighbourhood may be unclean. The proprietors of many eating establishments are happy, if asked, to show their kitchen and surrounding areas to prove how well they maintain hygienic standards. Unfortunately, the open air is not under their control and nor do they have the means to eradicate it. It's best that, if you cannot tolerate an insect or two to stay in your cocoons and not step out.


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