The Gatecrashers

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Oh! Colombo 

In Colombo nothing generates as much excitement and tension as the news of an upcoming opening of an establishment to which invitations will be sent out. Generally, such establishments invite those in Colombo who would either patronize it or who are already their top clients. A few celebrities are also invited to such events and a number of people from the rent-a-crowd group to make up the numbers. Many regret such invites to avoid having to dress up to spend an evening of boredom with most of the wannabes that turn up at the occasion. Those who have business tie ups have no choice but to be at these events to make sure that their relationships continue uninterrupted. 

Despite having heard it many times over the years, it is till surprising how some claim to the world that they are invited to these functions, especially when they have no reason to be associated with the particular nature of the establishment. It seems that even though the event is for confirmed guests, some have the audacity to breeze in to such soirees, dressed to the nines, claiming that the chairperson or some other big wig in the establishment personally extended an invite to them. The owners of the establishment are also confused to see such persons circling among their guests, especially since their assistants have shared the confirmed guest list with them prior to the occasion. It only takes a few seconds for them to realize that these obviously are the gatecrashers. It is also well known how many people call and ask for invitations or pretend that they were informed to keep the date free and wonder why the invite has not been delivered. 

The networkers of Colombo absolutely love to be seen at these functions, probably because it boosts their ego and also provides them with an opportunity to network on the basis that they may be recognized as ‘somebody’ in the business world worth getting to know. 

It is quite sad to know that there are many in Colombo, both male and female, who do this on a regular basis. A big wig recently commented to me that they are well aware of these shenanigans and are certainly not foolish enough to engage in any  business dealings with them.


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