The Agony Aunt

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Oh! Colombo 

We are all familiar with the interesting and sometimes hilarious Agony Aunt columns in newspapers and magazines. Agony Aunt generally receives letters regarding personal problems and complicated relationships seeking solutions to them from her. Agony Aunt generally dishes out good or very sound responses to these letters. General readers too find this column quite interesting. 

In Colombo, one has discovered another species of Agony Aunts. These are generally women who thrive causing agony to others around them. In short, another form of green monster who cannot bear to see people happy. They thrive and enjoy seeing others destroyed. One has to be careful of this species of aunts and avoid them like the plague. The general green eyed monsters are younger and not so educated unlike this species who are  mature and intelligent. It seems that they have some of a complex where they cannot see others succeeding in life or having good friendships. Their aim is to destroy them, particularly since the Agony Aunt cannot keep friends, especially girlfriends. In some cases she might be a person close to having a nervous breakdown, which is sometimes the trigger for such erratic behaviour, said a doctor who had analysed one individual. 

It is best to keep away from such individuals, though they are hard to spot as they appear to be great friends and companions. If one feels uneasy and all one’s peace is suddenly shattered, analyse the friends near and dear to you and you might be clever enough to spot an Agony Aunt amongst your crowd. Better keep away from them and lead a happier life limiting yourself to reading an Agony Aunt column in  a magazine or newspaper.


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