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The first posting that I read when I checked my social media this morning was “Our Socialites and Cocktail Circuit can wear diamonds and designer suits but when it comes to politesse and giving respect to speeches we are still tractors and buffaloes”.

I can just picture this scene since I have been at many such functions and have always felt disgust watching the rude behaviour of most of the guests attending these functions since they seemingly have no respect for the host. Instead, because they have been busy preening themselves for the function most of the guests feel that it is their given right to celebrate their fame by talking loudly to each other. Listening to these loud conversations you come to realise that they are totally inane and of no substance; all they seem to do is to talk about themselves, bragging about their latest achievements, tearing somebody apart or conveying some gossip that does not even affect them. All may claim that they are to the manner or born with a silver spoon in their mouth, educated in the finest schools and colleges but when it comes to social etiquette, all such claims become questionable.

The way in which food and beverage are consumed at these functions is something else. Yes, I dare say, one is invited to enjoy the evening by eating and drinking whatever is offered. But not this lot. They all behave as if famine is knocking at their door and the food and beverages at the function are their last offering. Actually, the applicable term would be attacking and not consuming at these functions.

The hosts are generally spoken to on arrival and once they spot their circle of friends, they have forgotten why they were invited. The host would give a speech to which no one would pay any attention as they are deeply engrossed in their conversation. The only time they are quiet is when posing for a picture in the hope that it would appear in the paper or magazine, or when filling their mouths with the food.

“To the manner born, they imagine,” said dear Trixie “but certainly manner less they are.  Sadly that is what the visible lot of our Colombo’s so called society has become. Regardless to the finery, blood tells!”



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