Goodbye 2016 & Hello 2017

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Oh! Colombo 

Another year has come to an end. For some it would have been glorious, for some it would have been okay and for some it would have been a ghastly year. We all encounter good and bad on a daily basis and it is best to accept both with an even temperament, accepting the good graciously and the bad in the same spirit and overcome them in the best way possible. Death and bad illnesses have been faced by many. Parting of a dear family member or friend is always sad at whatever age. Hearing of terminal and incurable illnesses is also very tragic. 

Marriages have been many and so have joyous births to many. Achieving high accolades as well as great achievements in education, business and in many other fields. Travelling around on great holidays as well as work, many wonders seem to happen all the time. The ying and yang of life is visible in many forms. 

We see absolute tragedy in the Middle East with the wars, airline tragedies etc.,  and when one watches international news on television one has no choice but to see horrible images of these tragedies. We are fortunate that our very own war in this island is all over and let us pray that it remains so. 

With the New Year approaching most people hope for a better year in every aspect of their lives. Hopefully a better world with lots of peace and happiness, less suffering for the not so fortunate. 

Polluting the environment as well as littering all over is another horrible and common sight these days. In 2017 let us hope that human beings will respect the laws of Mother Nature and not create any more environmental damage and stop raping the forests. Hopefully the raping of women and children will be erased too. 

The world is a wonderful place and it is us human beings who make it not so wonderful by not upholding many of the laws and creating so much of unpleasantness in various areas so that we reap all the bad we sow. If all of us at least did one good turn in some way or another the world may change to be a better place for all of us to live in. 

Happy New Year to all!


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