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In life we all have friends. It is common knowledge that friends are essential, so that you could have somebody to talk to, discuss various personal and other issues, and it also broadens one’s mind. Having no friends leads to being lonely as well as being judgemental about others. 

A friendship works both ways. It is a give and take. Many people form friendships with givers just so that they could take and one must know when to draw the line in such instances to avoid such takers becoming scroungers when they see a good hearted person spending and picking up bills all the time. In some instances these very generous lavish friends are always invited on an outing in order to pick up the tab and in other instances dropped. One also sees friends flocking to some like moths to the flame because of their constant gift giving and entertaining these friendships come to a grinding halt once the giving stops.

Friends have also to be accepted for who and what they are; one cannot judge them by one’s own moral and ethical standard; all people have idiosyncrasies that have to be acknowledged if one wants to continue having a friendship with them. This does not mean you have to chum up with a serial killer or such sort. Having friends surrounding you does not necessarily mean they are your friends too. Social media shows us the biggest hypocrisy going on and the worst of human nature as the majority are so false with each other. Everyone praising each other and saying such insincere and flowery things actually makes one vomit.

We have seen many a friendship squad formed and within a couple of years falling apart with such foul things said about each other including their partners. These are friendships that have been formed with wrong motives and intentions, probably to gain from each other. 

Friends who are there in need and troubled times are your real friends.  In this new year, let us all seriously check out our friends and try to sort them out and find out who the genuine ones are.


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