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It is certainly not big news that Colombo folk are full of envy, especially among the elite, and more so the women than the men. The men love to brag about their achievements, the money they have invested, which new vehicle they are planning on purchasing, about their foreign travels and so on. The domestic wives of these wealthy husbands who have never worked in their lives nor have the intelligence to do so but who have large amounts of money, either their own or their spouse's, are the real evil monsters. Amongst themselves they are very happy discussing outfits, their latest purchases, children's achievements etc. Coffee and tea mornings, lunching and planning weddings are part and parcel of their duty. They absolutely relish in planning frivolous events, togging up to go to them and some of them are actually happy with such an occupation. 

Some of them, however, do have huge hang ups since they realize that they seem to have neither a career nor the intellect to get into a career, which results in the lack of intellectual recognition, and to top it off, not being financially independent. These evil monsters cannot bear the sight of career women spiralling high in the business world, heading all sorts of committees, being directors of companies, chairwomen of firms and many academic organizations. In addition to being recognized for their intellect, by making time to visit the gym and for a visit to the salons, they also look fabulous and are always smartly turned out. Such career women certainly irritate the domestic housewives who, in retaliation, start bad mouthing them by insinuating that they are loose women with no morals. In fact, they are chanting what they actually are while attempting to drag the independent, successful career women down to the mud. 

It certainly does not harm the career women in any way. They carry on regardless, confident in themselves and their achievements, whilst these envious types drown in the cesspool of unhappiness created by themselves.


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