Closed Doors

Jul 07 2017. view 127

Colombo and also many of its surrounding towns like to think that they are very progressive. Everyone tries, especially in Colombo, to have the perfect house that will impress people, the most luxurious vehicles and the best education for their children. The wealthier ones are very generous to their children and you spot them flashing around in fancy cars spending excessive money in clubs and restaurants with an air about themselves. Some of these privileged children are downright rude to the working staff in the these establishments not realizing that such behaviour reflects poorly on their upbringing. Deep inside all of this façade, there lies a bigger issue that they cannot address with their parents, their sexuality. 

To parents in the city of Colombo as well as all over Sri Lanka, being gay is a huge issue. The parents  neither want to hear about it or are they willing to accept or acknowledge that their children would prefer to have a relationship with their own gender. What the parents expect is for their children to get married and they have no scruples about spending money for a grossly flashy wedding to show off to the entire world what a wonderful family they are. 

Strangely, the supposedly more educated and affluent members of society find it harder to accept their children's sexual preference and make it sound as if it is an incurable terminal disease. At most times, these parents are derogative of other people's kids who have been accepted for their sexual preference, making their children terrified to address their sexuality with them. So they remain closeted only to go berserk when out of the country, or visit websites on the Internet to meet people. Such instances often end up by them being blackmailed by others who find out their secret, which at times end up badly resulting in a nervous breakdown, depression or suicide. Many closeted folks agree to marry and suffer for the rest of their lives, making their partners miserable too. 

It is the 21st century now and isn't it time that we to recognize this fact and move on like the rest of the world instead of having this sanctimonious attitude and allow everything to go on behind closed doors. It is so strange that we all know the goings on in this city and we all pretend that nothing is happening. It is time we woke up and address the LGBT issues in this country and address them reasonably rather than act in such a backward manner.


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