Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2019

Nov 29 2019. view 326

What made you take part in this beauty contest?

Ever since i was a little girl i used to watch beauty pageants. I acted like a winner. When I was growing up my inner desire was always  to enter the fashion industry. I thought this is the correct time for me to contest.. As i am a fashion designer I believed that the two will blend well. This is a academic achievement and developing skills. It Gives us a platform to show our Talent and to proudly represent my country. The confidence I had made me win the pageant

Tell us about your experiences at the beauty contest?

I am short of words to explain how much the pageant has shaped me. It  gave me a  lot of confidence throughout the journey. How to interact with people in the society and how to build up personal skills and the knowledge. 

What was your best experience at the contest?

I had an unforgettable experience at Miss adventurous day. i had a bit of a shocking experience with the challenges that were given to us. But  with all my fellow contestants I  really enjoyed it.

Did you feel that you had a chance of winning it and if so for what reason?

Yes, I felt Like a winner from the beginning because i had all the prerequisites, the confidence  and self esteem to manage the pageant’s tasks. I knew that  had great ‘competition but i stood strong and always believed in my ability.

How do you feel about winning the pageant?

Winning a pageant is not a easy task.  it is very strenuous and challenging. Lots of responsibilities and obligations to fulfill . If we work according to schedules and prepare our self with proper time management and correct attitude i think the task is achievable. 

Has winning the beauty contest changed you  and how if so how?

Winning the beauty pageant was completing my biggest dream, with that I got alot of responsibilities. I have to represent my  country and i am preparing for that. I want to make my country proud.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to face the international world pageant successfully. My intention is to bring make my country shine in the international Arena. and use my reinging year to create awareness in a few charity projects i am doing. Complete my higher studies and make this a stepping stone to build a bright future in the Fashion industry as a designer. 

What are your hobbies and how you spend your free time?

My hobbies are mainly listening music. Dancing.
During my free time I used find the new fashion trends in different countries to see what suits us and create authentic designs to match our climate and culture.

What are your views on beauty pageants?

I always take the positive aspect of it. Its a platform to show case the beauty, knowledge and our skills also helps to build up  confidence, our strength. It gives us a voice and create a platform to promote the causes we support.

What is your advice for those who want take part similar pageants?

My advice is for any field there are positive and negative sides. If you can keep your head high up with self confidence you can go a long way. Trust you can do it - then go ahead and do it!


 “ The Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2019 finale was a very glamorous event held at the Galadari Ballroom. Being the creative Director of the pageant was not an easy task. managing and  training 16 girls within a very short span of  a month was very challenging. 
Being a contest winner and having represented Sri Lanka it is very easy for me to understand the local and international needs. I try not to stress the girls too much with rehearsals and try to always go by the international pageant guide lines. 

All of the girls did their best and i must say that i did not have any trouble with them during or even after the pageant!”  

By: Kshalini Nonis


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