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Queen Victoria Night Market 

So today I realized that Melbourne is one of those places that have a lot to offer its residents and tourists alike. If you have one night to soak up the culture of this city of artists, foodies and coffee-connoisseurs, look no further than the Queen Victoria Night Market. The Summer Night Market runs every Wednesday from November to February while the Winter Night Market starts on the first Wednesday of June and ends on the last Wednesday of August.

This year the Winter Night Market is home to over 30 food stalls, a range of stalls selling artisan ware including quirky jewellery, clothes, hats, art, homeware, fragrances and more. Most of the goods are made by independent entrepreneurs using locally sourced material and are one of a kind. The jewellery and clothes are the kind that you would not find in a mall, no matter how hard you look. Most of it is vintage and hippie inspired and would make wonderful gifts for those who appreciate such things. You can look forward to colourful, wearable crystals, furniture made of recycled material, classic pieces made of polymer clay, custom-made throw pillows, pyrographic art and many more unique finds.

However, the real highlight of the Night Market for me is the food. You are spoilt for choice by a variety of street food stalls that offer almost every cuisine you can think of. From Thai coconut rice, pork belly burgers, soup in a bun, lamb shanks to good old Sri Lankan rice and curry, you will wish you had a bigger stomach to store everything in. You can sip your sugarcane juice while you stand in line to get your hands on deep fried Mars bars and deep fried Oreos – yes you read that right!

The Winter Night Market is definitely an eclectic affair that offers the best of Melbourne under the starry winter sky. The musical talent showcased at the market is top notch and gives you a chance to discover a bit of the indie music scene that Melbourne thrives on. Don’t be afraid to step out and dance, everyone will join in!


So pull your scarf tight around your neck, put on your beanies (or you can even buy one shaped like an Angry Bird at the market), grab a cup of spiced mulled wine and walk around to discover beautiful little treasures that you would simply fall in love with!

By Eshani Seneviratne


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