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"We are mindful of these challenging times we are presently going through. But on a positive note, we introduce a fresh, varied and exciting menu to suit everyone’s taste and offer a delightful twist to the ordinary.” - Harpo Goneratne. The Park Street Mews Restaurant is set to introduce their more than colourful menu on October 5th 2020 and we got to try out a few dishes, just to see what they had going on before opening day. 
The menu is a carefully curated mixture of Western and Asian flavours offered through a wide range of new dishes alongside a few traditional delicacies and even a few healthy options. The restaurant itself has been around for quite some time. Remaining somewhat the same throughout the various iterations of the famed cobblestone street, they have consistently provided the best service and always brought fresh new dishes to the table.
The restaurant is definitely one of the more unique spots around Colombo with a mixture of outdoor seating and indoor fine dining with a side of “let’s grab a drink and chat”.  The place is also very well soundproofed (given that a band is playing right next door) so you won’t get disturbed by any of the loud music.
I am incredibly taken aback by how friendly the waiters are at PSM. They were incredibly helpful to us if in case we didn’t know exactly what to order, giving their own recommendations and throwing in a joke or two to get the table laughing.
The Food
Before I get to writing about how the food actually tasted (I.e. the reason behind this review) I must mention how incredible the food looked on the plate. Only a few restaurants can actually pull off great plating techniques and PSM definitely sits on top of that list. The chefs and management both have clearly put a lot of heart and soul into these dishes and it shows, just by the plating. 
Chicken Liver Pate’ with Spicy Citrus, Berry chutney and Balsamic Glaze accompanied with caramelised Apple, Onion & Melba toast
I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of chicken liver and before this. BUT, I can safely say this dish is an all-time high for me. The dish is intricately put together, with a number of components feeding off each other. The thick mousse-like consistency of the pate coupled with the caramelised apple and onion alongside a small crackling of the melba toast was a sensational experience. The berry chutney and balsamic glaze were tangy and only added more depth to the dish.
Indonesian style sliced Beef served with Wok-fried rice and Blachang Sambol
The main dishes went down a more cultural road and stuck to certain cuisines. This dish, in particular, took on Indonesian cuisine in a sense with what I thought were decently sized slices of beef for one person. In fact, the amount of rice on the dish was perfect to go with the amount of meat on the plate. I do think that the rice had a little bit more pepper than it should have had, which took away from the narrative of the beautifully cooked beef.  The Blachang Sambol adds a little bit of flavourful spice to the dish, which you didn’t know you were missing.
Red Velvet cake in creamy white Chocolate & Cheesy soup 
While I completely understand the confusion over the word “soup” being used in a dessert, I’d say look past it and try it out for yourself (it’s just melted white chocolate, really). The white chocolate soup was quite thin yet incredibly creamy which catches you off guard. The red velvet cake itself is a winner. It has a slightly smokey taste from what I think is just the crust of the cake, which frankly, tastes amazing. The dish is also not too heavy on the stomach and is a lovely end to an incredibly hearty meal. 
I would love to reiterate that the plating is so well done, that your expectations of both quality and quantity are completely blown out of the water. Hats off to Chef Kamal and Pastry Chef Chaminda for their incredible work and the PSM Restaurants manager, Rizwan Nazir for the work put into creating a very adventurous menu. I can’t wait to try out the rest!
Additional Recommendations
If you’re looking for something spicy (and if you have a stomach that can handle it), I suggest trying out their Tom Yum Seafood soup. It packs a punch so maybe be a little careful.  The Ravioli with Butternut Squash and Spinach Pesto deserves a special mention. Harpo and his team of chefs are renowned for their fresh pasta and homemade sauces so if you’re into Italian food, go for it! If you’re looking for a light meal, their new menu includes a huge range of sandwiches and wraps with fillings which take you around the world. Try out their rice and curry, it’s supposed to be one of the best in that part of town. Why not go for it and see for yourself? 
The restaurant is located at 50/1, Park Street Mews, Colombo 2 and they operate from 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. and you can contact them on 0112300183 for reservations. You could even reach out to them on their website or on Instagram @parkstreetmewsrestaurant for more information!


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